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From Zero to a Million Users - Dropbox and Xobni lessons learned

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Editor's Notes

  1. Xobni analytics -> prototype stage.Segway example -> millions spent on launch; best investors in the worldCould have realized much earlier that the problem wasn’t the technology, it’s that you look like a douche while ridingGoal is not to never fail, it’s to fail as early as possible
  2. So shipping code was out of the question – bad experience  tell all friendsYC app – ship in 8 wks vs 18 mosPrototype worked; video could show product in best light; get much of the same feedback as if we shipped working code
  3. Video created fans; capture that interestEarly adopters more forgiving
  4. Building product for ourselves; where would we look for something like Dropbox?
  5. Google Wave
  6. AardvarkexmapleReddit users faking comments to avoid ghost town feeling
  7. Always lose feature comparisons
  8. One invariant of our installer
  9. One invariant of our installer
  10. “I don’t mean to imply that you want to gamble your VC dollars..”
  11. Engagement: email people who haven’t used certain features, etc. Active user versus registered user.
  12. What kind of markets tend to be dominated by DIDO marketing?
  13. Virality can e.g. double TLV.
  14. Virality can e.g. double TLV.