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Adam Siskind of Playback Clothing makes recycled clothing for the blank apparel industry and can be purchased for your sports team or up coming party.

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Playback 2012 brochure 7a (4)

  1. 1. TMwww.playbackclothing.comExtrathickdrawstringinaflatshoelaceweaveTripleneedlestitchingfordurabilityanddetailStripesareknitdirectlyintofabricforatrulyuniquelook“BETTER BY RECYCLING” HOODIEHeathersinarainbowofcolors(notjuststandardgrey)Multi-color3-stitchstringdetailSupersoftinsidefortheultimateincomfortAntiquebrassgrommetsandzippersContrastinginnercolor“grinsthrough”foraricher,morecomplexshade
  2. 2. 5001UNISEXBOTTLE TEE65% recycled pet polyin original bottle color35% recycled cottonXS-XXXL4.5 ozMSRP $22.5002UNISEXRECYCLED TEE50% cotton from5005WOMEN’SRECYCLED TEE50% cotton fromclothing scraps 50% recycled polyS-XL4.5 ozMSRP $20.5003UNISEXMICROWAVEBLACK TEE50% recycled polymostly from food trays40% recycled cottonfrom clothing scraps10% rayonXS-XXXL3.9 ozMSRP $22.50% recycled polymostly from food trays40% recycled cottonfrom clothing scraps10% rayonS-XL3.9 ozMSRP $225006WOMEN’SMICROWAVEBLACK TEE5004WOMEN’SBOTTLE TEE65% recycled pet polyin original bottle color35% recycled cottonS-XL4.5 ozMSRP $22.SODA BOTTLEGREENWATER COOLERBLUESODA BOTTLE GREENBEER BOTTLE BROWNGRASS GREEN5007UNISEXJUNK TEE50% recycled poly37% cotton13 % rayonXS-XXXL4.5 ozMSRP $22.5008WOMEN’SJUNK TEE50% recycled poly37% cotton13 % rayonS-XL4.5 ozMSRP $22.ALUMINUMALUMINUMPINKBLACKMELANGEBLACKMELANGEWATER COOLERBLUEclothing scraps 50% recycledpolyXS-XXXL4.5 ozMSRP $20.NAVYMELANGEFabric DetailFabric Detail ofJunk SpecsFabric Detail ofJunk SpecsFabric DetailAvailable March, 2012 Available March, 2012Available April, 2012 Available April, 2012*partly made fromblack recycledlunch trays*partly made fromblack recycledlunch trays
  3. 3. 9945WOMEN’S FULL ZIPHOODIE60% recycled cotton fromclothing scraps 40% recycled polyXS-XL9.5 ozMSRP $55.9997MEN’S FULL ZIPHOODIE60% recycled cotton fromclothing scraps 40% recycled polyXS-XXXL9.5 ozMSRP $55.9974MEN’S INSIDE STRIPEZIP HOODIE50% recycled cotton fromclothing scraps 50% recycled polyXS-XXXL8 ozMSRP $55.9999MEN’SLIGHTWEIGHTPULLOVERHOODIE50% recyled cottonfrom clothing scraps50% recycled polyS-XXL6 ozMSRP $40.ALUMINUM / AQUACARBONGold LogodPull StringDetailInside Back HoodStripe Tape DetailBottom VentStripe Tape DetailContents and weights of all styles shown on these pages may vary due to availability of recycled materialSide PocketMulti-Color3-Stitch DetailFabric withInside StripeDetail6001MEN’SX-RAY V-NECKPULLOVER65%recycled polyfrom X-ray film35% recycled cottonS-XXL6 ozMSRP $35NAVY + STRIPEGRASS / CARBONGRASS / CARBONWHEATALUMINUMNAVYMELANGE*made from recycledblack & white x-ray filmX-RAY GREYCARBON + STRIPESWEAT BLUE / CARBONBLACK / MARINEBLACK / MARINESHADOW GREY / FUCHSIANAVY / CARDINALCARBON / SADDLEANTHRACITE / MARINEALUMINUM + STRIPE
  4. 4. BEER BOTTLE BROWN65% Recycled Polyester from Beer Bottles35% Recycled CottonWATER COOLER BLUE65% Recycled Polyester from Water Coolers35% Recycled CottonSODA BOTTLE GREEN65% Recycled Polyester from Soda Bottles35% Recycled CottonASI/78717 UPIC/PLAYBACKJersey neck tapedetailingRingspunforasupersoftfeel...Youwon’tbelievewhereitcamefrom.Wearandconserveenergy:Driesin1/2thetimeofaregularT-shirtMulti-color3-stitchstringdetailAvailablein3awesomecolors.Bottlesareseperatedbycolor.Colorofbottle=Colorofshirt.Noextradyesused.EachT-shirtismadefromapproximately8.5plasticPETbottles“BETTER BY RECYCLING” T-SHIRTTMPLAYBACK underwent an extensive Life-CycleAnalysis by two Yale University Graduate Students.They compared the relative environmental impactof a PLAYBACK recycled cotton/polyestersweatshirt with that of a conventional cotton/polyestersweatshirt from creation to point-of-sale.Comparatively, PLAYBACK outperformed in 23 out of25 categories, including:68% Less Global Warming Potential49% Less Air Pollution Produced25% Fewer Carcinogens Produced33% Less Land Used80% Less Waste Generated79% Less Fossil Fuel UsedUnlike organic products, PLAYBACK requires no extracotton growth, land usage, or the estimated 300 gallonsof water needed to produce one cotton t-shirt.*This study is not yet ISO compliant and is awaiting peer review.LIFE CYCLE ANALYSISPrinted on Recycled Paper of Course.• You do not even have to grow the cotton(cotton growth uses massive amounts of water and land).• We are saving all those x-rays, clothing scraps and PETbottles from landfill.• By taking the original color from the recycled material wegreatly reduce the need for hazardous chemical dyes. Inthe case of the bottle tees and x-ray pull over, we do not useany dyes at all.WHY IS RECYCLING BETTERTHAN ORGANIC?OUR FABRIC PROCESSDoubleNeedleCoverStitchingonallmajorseams