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Meerkat vs. Periscope - Who will win the Mobile streaming fight?


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With the rise in streaming apps on mobile devices meerkat vs. periscope are the leaders in the race. This presentation is a comparison and future predictions for these type of services.

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Meerkat vs. Periscope - Who will win the Mobile streaming fight?

  1. 1. Meerkat vs. Periscope @ianmartinadams Live streaming from mobile devices
  2. 2. Meerkat Periscope Ownership Release date Platform/s Save Video to camera roll Web player Private streaming Stream viewable after Gamification Life On Air, Inc March 27, 2015 iOS (Android coming) Yes Desktop only No No Yes Point/Leaderboard Twitter, Inc March 26, 2015 iOS (Android coming) Yes Desktop only Yes 24 hours will ‘expire’ No @ianmartinadams
  3. 3. @ianmartinadams Current uses Tourist attractions Celebrity captures Emergency events Live tech reviews One to group chats Award shows Live music Fashion shows
  4. 4. Meerkat Periscope Unique Features Schedule Live stream. Posts tweet out to accounts followers to when a live stream will happen. Twitter engagements Favourite, comment (with post to twitter option) and Retweet stream. Point system Gamification through a points system, more points higher up streamers are on the leaderboard. Hearts Viewers can give to streamers that appear in the bottom right corner. (Will be a new engagement metric) Post-stream analytics Retention, Viewers, time watched. Also users and how many hearts given. @ianmartinadams
  5. 5. Twitter, Inc xx March 26, 2015 iOS Yes No Overall issues 1. Bandwidth - This is going to be an issue for all live streaming mobile services especially during music events where coverage is stretched. Meerkat was always having issue ‘Grabbing live stream’ and Periscope did do better. However with a Mashable stream the limit of viewers was around 1.1k and comments were disabled to a small group. 2. Repeat users - The content is a novelty. However over time with celebrities and brands uptake with more quality content we will see this being like (Game streaming) for the masses. 3. Only iOS and Desktop - Not just an issue for Android users but also TV users. The content should be accessible or streamable on more then these devices. Chromcast would be the next step for these apps. @ianmartinadams
  6. 6. Pericope will win the race, backed by twitter ecosystem and user base. Better search features (Trending topics, locations, users) Brands experiments Pepsi, Nandos, News channels, Buzzfeed, Redbull, Music venders, TV shows all providing exclusive for example behind the scenes content. Sponsored streams Mobile providers pressured to improve internet infrastructure Improvements video quality (720p/1080p) Celebrities streams Paid for streams or Donations to streamer Upload to Vine Connected cameras through bluetooth for more POVs Predictions
  7. 7. Further uses Weddings, Live converts, Protests, Black Friday sales, New year fire works, Fashion show cat walks, Tech keynotes, government speeches, music discovery, red carpet event interviews, terrorist attacks, #fridgeview, tourist boards, airlines, travel providers, cooking shows, art shows, NASA, Private group chats, charity streams, football play interviews, beach/ocean streams, clothing selections, dash cams, weather cams, product reviews, product demonstrations.. Early adopters (Periscope) Brands: @Hellmanns @MonsterEnergy @redbull @sony @spotify @Starbucks @Ubisoft @advertisingweek TV Shows: @TheXFactor @AmericanIdol @Bravotv @broadcity @FallonTonight @GameofThrones @LateNightSeth @LastWeekTonight @midnight @NBCTheVoice @TheDailyShow @TODAYShow Celebrities: @AlRoker @AaronPaul_8 @AdamShapiro @CarsonDaly @Nerdist (Chris Hardwick) @DrSanjayGupta @iJustine @JaredLeto @JimmyFallon @KevinJonas @MarioBatali @MarkCuban @NickKroll @RyanSeacrest @Schwarzenegger @ShondaRhimes @TyraBanks
  8. 8. Have I missed anything? @ianmartinadams Please comment and rate. Add me on both @ianmartinadams