Short film analasis original revisted


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Short film analasis original revisted

  1. 1. Revisited Work Short film 1 Strangers This is a short film based on a train between two people and their religious differences. They are constantly looking at each other we know this from the close-ups as they both have doubts about each other as their religion clashes. We can see this as one is reading a news paper then the other person puts his Hebrew necklace on show. The next scene is when a group of aggressive racists get on the train and intimidate the two men. The final scene the men jump of the train before the group of racists can catch them and they go their separate ways. The film is based on a Jew and a Palestinian, two religions that don’t get along, i think this video is suppose to be an eye opener for the two religions too stop the fighting. The meaning behind this short video is aimed at Israel with the fighting between the two; the video is one of peace. At the start of the video the close ups between the two men are long and slow as they have a kind of Mexican standoff, From this close up you can see that the character has a very threatening look on his face, this close up was used because you can see the anger and disgust in his face that indicates his anger towards the character he is looking at. The effect on the audience by using this shot gives the feeling of being uncomfortable.
  2. 2. Also in this shot you can see that the character on the other side of the train is equally as angry when the other character pulls out is star of David, the medium shot used here shows the upper part of the characters torso from this you can tell by the man’s body language he is not happy about the other character, the effect of this shot on the viewer is of an uncomfortable atmosphereWe can tell that the two men don’t like each other as the extreme close-ups and also thereaction shots show them to be cautious of each other due to their religion. The reactionshots are similar as both men seem to have the same expression on their face this isbecause of their religion and also the train can be a dangerous place and I think this film wasmade to show how people discriminate other people due to their religion, skin colour, orbeliefs. We also see a two shot of them both on the train before u see any of thedifferences and they just look like two people sitting on a train. This shows me that thedirector wanted you to see them in a positive way rather than them having their differencesthis also tells me that the director wants to show how some people may not discriminatewere as other people would. There are also medium shots as the guys are sitting downthese shows us what the men are like.The mise en scene for this scene of the short film is the newspaper that one of thecharacters is reading and this plays a big part in the short film as it identifies what religionone of the characters is and then there is the star of David and this is shown to representthe other character as being Jewish, The location for this short film is on a badly lit trainthis in my opinion is a representation for Israel. This over the shoulder shot was used because it gives you a viewing of the Jewish man from behind this Nazi’s head, the shot was used to show the fear of the man as he struggles to get his phone out, This makes this short film even more uncomfortable and builds up tension for the audience as they know something is going to happen.
  3. 3. There are a lot of close ups used in this short film, this is because there is a lot of tension in this film and the close ups capture this effect as with the slow close ups at the beginning you get the feeling that something isn’t right, then when the Nazi’s board the train the tension build, the effect of these on the viewer makes the tension build for them.There is a low camera angle when the racists get on the train this gives the impression ofthem being dominant on the train. This also shows discrimination as the director is makingthis man out to be big and scary yet he could be a peaceful guy. There is a pan movementnear the beginning this shows us what the setting is like and it is a well lit area yet againmaking the area seem safe yet something happens. Also there is another pan as they arerunning from the racists and also a track movement this shows us the action and showssome excitement to the watcher. There isn’t a lot of editing but there is continuity editingthan links the entire short film together. This shot is used to show the Nazi’s that have just boarded the train, as soon as then come into shot the whole feel of the film becomes a lot darker as with a common enemy on board both men start to panic, the use of a two shot shows that the men are bigger and stronger from the other characters, this has a very intimidating effect on the viewer. The use of a tracking shot makes the chase scene feel more realistic and it helps build the tension up even more as you don’t know if the two men will escape or will they be caught, this is used because the tracking shot intensifies the whole chase scene, this adds pressure on the viewer because they will be wondering if they will escape or not.The music in the film fitted the film perfectly so it was a score. It linked back into the twomen’s background as there from a different culture. The music gave the men some
  4. 4. personality and gave us the watcher a little more background to the men as to who theywere and kind of where they were from. There was no dialogue on the train as without thedialogue it added suspense to the film and keeping the watcher on the edge. There is only abit of dialogue and it is at the end when the two men simultaneously let out a massivecheer. There is a lot of ambient sound but this adds effect to the film and makes it seemmore real such as the noise from the train or the spray paint. This is a two shot of the aftermath of the chase scene, this is done to show the platform that the people had made it and that they were safe. This shot shows both characters off the train and that they are safe, this gives the viewers a feel of safety that they are off the train and are safe. This is the last scene of the film, the medium shot of the character shows that he is happy and smiling at the other character as this whole problem has been resolved and everything is now fine and he can call the other guy a friend, this has a happy effect to the viewer but with a deeper meaning.The mise en scene of the film is excellent and the director has though it through perfectly asthe location is an underground train and also its brightly lit and is saw as safe but then thatchanges as the men realise is isn’t. there was always a distance between the towncharacters from when they were on the train and also right at the end this show that eventhough they went through that they still don’t trust each other. There was a high keylighting in the film even though it is based in an underground train this shows that it ismeant to be a safe place but it isn’t.I think this is a good film and the director has shown the idea of discrimination through thisfilm perfectly. I think that the location was perfect for this as it describes how light the placewas but how dark the situation was. Also there was a strong image of how the men wereintimidated by the racists and this show how the director was trying to show haw nastypeople can be through discrimination just because the men were different to them.
  5. 5. Short film 2 Black button is a short film that starts off with a twilight zone feeling as a Mr. Robertsseems to wake up in an office that is unexplainable bright. Opposite him is astrange man with a proposition for him. There is a black button in the middleof the room and a key on his desk he can choose to leave or to press thebutton and he will receive 10 million dollars but there is a catch as one personwill die. In the end he presses the button and it is Mr. Roberts who dies as helet his greed take hold of him as he was earlier in a car crash and had he tookthe key his salvation would have been spared. This shot shows a two shot between both the men and this is done so you get a clear view of what is happening in the shot and you see everything in it, This gives the audience a creepy feel as the background is clear white so it gives a strange feeling. This is a close up of Mr Roberts is shown the 10 Million cash but at this point we don’t know what is going to happen or the risks he is taking the money, this adds confusion to the viewer as they don’t know what he is going to do
  6. 6. There are not a lot of shots in this film as it is basically a conversation betweenthe two men. There is a close up on the man sat behind the desk as this makeshim more menacing and I think the director wanted to give him theappearance of the devil. As I think the moral of the story is making a deal withthe devil through greed. The next shot I noticed was a medium shot this isthrough most of the story and gives more of an effect on Mr. Roberts and youget to see his body language. The next shot I saw was a two shot and this is ashot of both the men in the office this basically shows off the office and who isin it. The last shot I saw was an over the shoulder shot and it was of the manbehind the desk showing the 10 million cash to Mr. Roberts.There weren’t a lot of angles in the film apart from one and it was a low angleon the man behind the desk as it makes him look powerful and also moredominant as he is a devil figure and he is suppose to be the big scary boss type.There isn’t much camera movement apart from a zoom when it is going to do aclose up on Mr. Roberts face. This is done so you can see the confusement inhim. There also isn’t a lot of editing to this as there is only the continuityediting that happens all the way through to make the movie run smoother.Also there is a flashback to when Mr. Roberts is in his car crash. This fits in wellwith the film as we now see why Mr. Roberts is there and how he is beingjudged.The sound in this short film worked well as it was a sharp humming soundthat gives the film some feeling and also some tension this was non-diegeticsound so the actor couldn’t hear it. There was also a lot of dialogue in thisfilm as it is a conversation between two people and near the end the manbehind the desk starts shouting and this adds the effect of fear and pressureto the film.
  7. 7. This is an over the shoulder shot from the briefcase with the 10 million in it, this is don’t because it shows you the reaction on Mr Roberts face and what he would do with the 10 million would be going through his head. The effect on the viewer is that he is a greedy man that will take the money. This is the close up when he realises that it is his own life that he is taking, the reason there has been a close up is to show what is now happening to him as he made the wrong choice and has now lost his life because of his greed, the effect on the viewer shows that he is selfish.The mise en scene of the film is good because it is all in the same location andall set up in the same way. The location gives the effect of fear as going for ajob interview and it also incorporates selling your soul to the devil. Thecostumes were also perfect for this film as it was though Mr. Roberts wasgoing for a job interview and talking to his new boss. The lighting of the filmwas very bright and was also a little too bright but this fits into the story linebut also contradicts itself as the devil is suppose to be in the dark but he isstood in the light.I think that this is a good film as it has a strong meaning to it and also itshows human greed and how it can destroy you. The actors that were pickedwere also very good as there was a lot of character in them. The location andthe sound also worked very well together. I think that this film has fulfilledits purpose.
  8. 8. Short story 3 Lovefield short film was based in a field. It starts off with a crow, crowing and a longwheat field. The next scene is of a woman lying in the field and blood splatterson the ground then a knife stuck in the ground. The next bit of the film a manstands up and rushes back to the car frantically trying to open the boot. Whenhe opens the boot he grabs a cloth then rushes over to the woman. This lookslike a murder film but then in the next scene he wraps a baby in the cloth andpicks up the child and the mother is there sat up happy. The film ends with thecamera zooming out.This film also shows the crow through various scenes linking them together. Ithink that this was film was made about judging people before you know thefull story as this looks like a murder scene but instead of taking life this film isabout bringing life into the world. This is one of the first shots of the short film it starts off with a crow on a sign, this shot has been made to establish the scene but they used a medium shot which gives the effect of this being a horror, this builds tension for the audience. This is a close up of a woman’s foot, in this scene it looks like she is going to be attacked by the man, this shot is used to add anticipation to the shot, the effect on the viewer is a worried and concerned for her safety.
  9. 9. There are a lot of camera shots in this film one of the main ones is an aerialshot as it gives a view of the location and how rural it and also to show howvast the distance is before there is any form of civilization this links in to thestory as there is no one to help. The next camera shot is a close up and there isa lot of these mostly of the crow and this is used to build suspension. There ismostly medium shot and these are used to show the surrounding and also thethings in them such as the crow on the sign. There is only one more shot and itis of the man and it a reaction shot this is when he is running to the car and hehas a look of fear on his face. This shows that he looks worried about thewoman but at this point we think he has murdered her but in reality he wasworried about the baby. This is the shot of the man that looks like he is dangerous, they use this mid shot to show how he is clothed and how big he is, the dark background also suggests he is up to something sinister, the effect of the audience from this shot is that he is a bad person This two shot is the ending scene in which the man who turns out to have his wife given birth and he has his son in his arms, the effectives of this shot shows the sunlight and how happy he is to hold his son in his arms, the ending effect is a happy one that everyone is safe and there is a new life.There is only one camera angle in the film and it is a low camera angle as theman is standing up making him seem scary and making him out to be a badguy. This is what the director wants as he wants you to judge him before you
  10. 10. actually get to see what he is like thus playing into the director’s plan ofmaking you not judge people before you know them. There isn’t a lot of editingapart from the continuity editing and the scene something changing into thecrow but this is done to add suspension. There is a lot of camera movement asthese shows the location off more. There is a pan movement and this is used toshow the location better and also what has happened. The next movement is acrane and it is the one that lifts up so we can see all the area more clearly. Thelast movement is zoom and it is used to show the ending more clearly.There isn’t a lot of sound apart from the ambient sound of the crow and thisis done as it gives suspense to the film and makes to look like a murder filmand also makes the scene look stranger.The mise en scene of this film is perfect as the location has been well picked asit is a secluded area and also it looking like the place where a murder wouldtake place. This fits into the director’s point as you judge the area before youknow anything about it. The set design of the film has been well played as thewoman looks dead but really she is giving birth and the man look like a madlocal who has just murdered her. There is also the knife as a prop this make thefilm instantly change so you do believe this is a murder film. This is the pointthat I think the directors trying to make and it is guilty until proven innocent.There is also the lighting and it is always high key and very bright but thisshows that he is a good man even if you think he isn’t.I think that this is a good film and also it works well and portrays the guiltyuntil proven innocent saying. This film works very well and the ending showsus that we are a judge before we know nation. All the camera actions and themise en scene works well and also the story is clear and you can understandit well and the use of no dialog make this stand out and adds so muchsuspension to the film.