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NHS Brief Wash Your Hands


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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NHS Brief Wash Your Hands

  1. 1. Qualification Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUnit number and title Unit 4 Creative Media Production Management ProjectStart date Monday 26th March, 2012Deadline Monday 4th June, 2012Assessor name Iain GoodyearAssignment title IG5 – Management ProjectVideo Wall ProjectBrief 1: Wash your hands!1. The ClientSalford Royal NHS Foundation Trust aims to be the safest organisation in the NHS through providing safe, clean and personal care to everypatient, every time. We are an integrated provider of hospital, community and primary care services, including the University Teaching Hospital.Our team of 6,000 staff provide local services to the City of Salford and specialist services to Greater Manchester and beyond. We have anexcellent track record; having the highest consistent rating for service quality coupled with one of the highest sets of patient and staff satisfactionscores. Further information about the Trust can be found at: www.srft.nhs.ukThe hospital site is undergoing major redevelopment and will open a new main entrance in June 2011 in the new Hope Building. A new videowall will be installed in the main entrance in June 2011 and it will play key messages on a loop seven days a week.2. BriefTo create and deliver a high quality film to help promote the importance of hand washing to visitors when they enter/leave a ward.This film will play on a video wall in the main entrance of the hospital (Hope Building). It will be played on loop, with no sound.It is anticipated this film will be 90-120 seconds; therefore it will need to captivate the audience.3. TreatmentGraphic animation is preferable however we will consider other recommendations.4. Key messages  Infection control is everyone’s responsibility  Help protect our patients – your loved ones – by washing your hands  Wash your hands each time you enter or leave a ward area  Promotion of hand washing technique – see appendix 1. Supplementary messages:  You can also help stop the spread of infection by not visiting your loved ones if you are unwell or have flu symptoms, and by not sitting on the bed or eating at the bedside.5. BrandingAny colours used within artwork will need to be part of the NHS palette, details of which can be found at: Trust is called ‘Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust’ or Salford Royal’ never Salford Royal Hospital or Hope Hospital.The Trust’s full logo is expected to appear at the introduction and end of the film.The end of the film should credit: This film was proudly made by local students from Salford City College for Salford Royal NHS FoundationTrust.6. Deadline 1
  2. 2. Friday 8 June 2012 - any films submitted to Salford Royal after this date will not be considered for use.7. Project ManagementRequired support time with the client will need to be agreed in advance.Issued to:Salford City College, 7 March 2012Issued by:Anne-Marie MillerCommunications ManagerSalford Royal NHS Foundation TrustTasks Grading Criteria MappingTask 1Use idea generation techniques including mind maps and spider diagrams to come up with some Unit 4: P1/M1/D1initial ideas.Task 2Prepare a pitch Unit 4: P2/M2/D2 finalise ideas for their media product prepare a proposal prepare a presentation including delegate notes and presenter’s notes give the presentation in the form of a pitch to the tutor and peersTask 3Use pre-production techniques to draw up plans for the advertisements. Unit 4: P3/M3/D3You must include the following: Risk assessment Storyboards Shooting schedules Script Production Diary Location recognisance Production schedules Contingency Plans Shot LogsTask 4Produce the films as per the client brief. Unit 4: P3/M3/D3 2
  3. 3. This brief has been verified as being fit for purpose Iain Goodyear Date: 13/03/2012 Date: Unit 4 Creative Media Production Management Project (Level 3) P1: originate, develop and M1: originate, develop and D1: originate, develop and research an idea for a media research an idea for a media research an idea for a media product working within product showing some product showing creativity appropriate conventions and imagination and with only and flair and working with some assistance occasional assistance independently to professional expectations P2: pitch a proposal for a M2: pitch a proposal for a media D2: pitch a proposal for a media product with some product competently with media product to a near appropriate use of subject generally correct use of subject professional standard terminology and with some terminology and with only consistently using subject assistance occasional assistance terminology correctly and working independently to professional expectations P3: manage a production M3: manage a production process D3: manage a production process process competently to create a media to near-professional standards to create a media product product to a good technical to create a media product, working within appropriate standard, showing some showing creativity and flair conventions and with some imagination and with only and working independently assistance. occasional assistance. to professional expectations. 3