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Film industry unit intro


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Film industry unit intro

  1. 1. G323: INSTITUTIONS & AUDIENCES(FILM INDUSTRY – Case Study – Working Title Films)Lesson 1: Introduction • This is the second part of the G323 exam. • You will have 45 mins to answer one question. • Our focus is on the Film Industry.Context • Beyond our focus on the Film Industry, a central part of this unit is awareness of contemporary issues in the media….in particular how digital media is changing the relationship between texts and audiences. Specifically, you need to understand issues around: - media ownership - cross-media convergence and synergy - new technologies in production, marketing and exchange - globalisationThe Film Industry • Having completed this background study, you will need to focus on 4 levels of the film industry: o production o distribution o exhibition o consumption • You will be focusing on these elements through some case studies, in particular Working Title Films.In the exam, you will have to write one essay. You will need todemonstrate: - awareness of the broad contextual issues (the stuff we have studied already) - awareness of the impact of new media on the industry - use one or more case studies to support your argumentsWhat is a Case Study? - a production company, a distribution company, a cinema, a film etc…. etcWhat will the question be? - This is the first year of the syllabus. There is only one past paper: (from January this year): 1
  2. 2. - Discuss the ways in which media products are produced and distributed to audiences within a media area which you have studied.The exam board have, however, supplied one sample question:Discuss the issues raised by an institution’s need to target specificaudiences within a media industry which you have studied?An ‘institution’ here could be a production company or a distributioncompany or a cinema etc etc 2
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