London's Olympic Bid


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Lesson on the strengths and weaknesses of London's Olympic bid. Necessary materials have not been uploaded (because I'm not entirely sure how to do so) so you'll have to make your own.

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London's Olympic Bid

  1. 1. IOC tickboxWriting frameDecision making task
  2. 2. Learning Outcomes:6/7: To evaluate the factors that made London’s Olympic bid successful. To assessthe advantages and disadvantages of Paris’ bid. To evaluate in detail your own bidproposal for London 2012.5: To explain why London’s Olympic bid was successful. To assess advantages anddisadvantages to Paris’ bid. To explain your decisions in your own bid proposal.4: To identify and assess reasons why London’s Olympic bid was successful. Toidentify advantages and disadvantages of Paris’ bid. To describe how your own bidproposal for London.Aim: Why was London’s Olympic bid successful?5Mini starter: What do you think the International Olympic Committee (IOC) look for in asuccessful bid?Homework due 15th May: Research Paris’ Olympic bid – see handout.
  3. 3. Starter!How environmentallyfriendly the games will beLegacy (What remainsAFTER the Games)The ‘Spirit’ of theOlympicsTransport LinksThe quality of sportingvenuesPublic support for theOlympicsA well-known city/Famous landmarksWhen the IOC decides which city should host anOlympic games, they judge a city against several criteria:Task 1: Make a list ranking the criteria above in order of importance when makingyour decision.Task 2:6/7: Do you think it is possible for any of these to be viewed as the mostimportant? Why?5: Explain why you chose your top 3 criteria – tell me what makes them soimportant4: Tell me why you chose your top criteria – what makes them the most important?10London’s bid summary + tick boxes next
  4. 4. London’s bidTask 1: Read details on London’s Olympic bid. A paragraphis written for each of the IOC selection criteria. Using yourjudgement, you need to rate London’s scores for each ofthese criteria on a scale of 1-5.Task 2:6/7: Provide a detailed explanation as to why you gavespecific marks out of 5 for the strongest two and weakesttwo aspects of London’s bid5: Provide a detailed explanation behind your scoring for 3aspects of London’s bid4: Say why you gave the strongest and weakest aspects ofLondon’s bid those marks.10
  5. 5. News just in – London has won itsbid to host the Olympic games!10Task 1: Using the information from the previous task, writea news report why London’s bid was successful.6/7: Evaluate London’s Olympic bid to explain in detail whyyou think it was successful.5: Explain why you think London’s Olympic bid wassuccessful4: Describe why you think London’s Olympic bid wassuccessfulDecision making exercise next
  6. 6. Olympic Dragon’s Den!You have £1 billion to spend onenhancing London’s bid!What should you spend it on? You have4 choices (you can only pick one)
  7. 7. Option 1: Transport legacyTransform London into acycle-friendly city forduring and after thegames.
  8. 8. Option 2: Community legacyBuild 800 temporaryhotels which can beconverted intopermanentcommunity centresafter the games
  9. 9. Option 3: Environmental legacyInstall enough solarpanels to provide powerfor all of the Olympicpark, during and after thegames for over 40 years.
  10. 10. Option 4: Cultural legacyFund weekly music,dance and art tuitionfor 160,000 childrenand teenagers for 5years after the games.
  11. 11. Its decision time!You need to spend the money on what you think the IOC want, not whatyou would prefer! You will have to look back at what their criteria are forchoosing a host city and decide which of the options would be most likely towin the bid for London! Be prepared to present your ideas!6/7: Using a wide range of information from the handout, evaluate all 4choices, explaining in detail which option you think would best supportLondon’s 2012 bid.5: Using information from the handout, explain in detail how 3 of the optionswould improve London’s bid for the Olympics. Choose which option you thinkwould best improve London’s bid and say why.4: Using information from the handout, describe how 3 of the options wouldimprove London’s bid, then chose which one you think is best.Sentence starter: “Option 1 would benefit London’s Olympic bid because…”15
  12. 12. Which did you pick?Option 1: Transport legacyOption 2: Community legacyOption 3: Environment legacyOption 4: Cultural legacy
  13. 13. Presentation time…
  14. 14. Plenary• Write down one fact you have learned today about London’sOlympic bid• Write one strength of London’s Olympic bid• Write down one weakness of London’s Olympic bid• Why do you think London’s Olympic bid was successful?• Write down as many of the IOC selection criteria that you canthink of