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Setting up Wordpress on Godaddy for begineers

Beginers guide that shows every single step to setup a Wordpress site on Godaddy (or anywhere really, but these exact directions are for Godaddy)

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Setting up Wordpress on Godaddy for begineers

  1. 1. How to create a Wordpress Blog on Godaddy from Soup to Nuts (for beginners, this is the SHOWS EVERY STEP guide I wish I had for my first blog) By Adam Smith [email_address]
  2. 2. You can create a Wordpress based website with nearly any web host. I just think godaddy is super cheap, easy, and has great customer service. I don’t have a sponsorship from them or anything.
  3. 3. Get hosting from Godaddy Choose Web Hosting, not Wordpress hosting (wordpress hosting is just marketing spin to charge more money.)
  4. 4. Deluxe plan is the way to go For an extra $1 per month, you can host as many website on 1 account as you want. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it… you will, trust me.
  5. 5. After you’ve purchased hosting and got a login/pass Click My account tab on top right, and enter user/pass info
  6. 6. Getting into your hosting panel You need to click the Hosting link
  7. 7. Launch your hosting admin panel
  8. 8. Attaching your domain ( ) to your hosting account Click Your Domains
  9. 9. Select Add Domain
  10. 10. Start typing the name of your domain It should auto-magically pop up. Select your domain. If this is your first site, delete any text out of the Folder text box.
  11. 11. Now, click on the Home tab
  12. 12. Adding the Wordpress Application, step 1 Click the big Your Applications button
  13. 13. Click Blogs
  14. 14. Click Wordpress
  15. 15. click Install Now
  16. 16. Select your domain name that you want to use If you don’t see it here, you may have to keep waiting… this might take a few hours to show up.
  17. 17. Setup database (don’t worry, its not scurrry) Leave Wordpress for description Pick password, need to contain at least 1 capital letter and have no symbols like (&%!)
  18. 18. Pick where the blog should live Most times you’ll want the blog to live at the ‘root’ which means when you type in the blog is there. To do this, remove everything from after the (here you’d remove Wordpress) But, if you want your blog to be you’d type blog
  19. 19. Admin stuff Enter the admin’s name, and a password. This is the username and pass needed to get into the blog. Put in your email for now (whether its your blog, or your setting it up for someone else). NOTE: this password is different from password in slide 16. This is the one that matters… the other one just write down and forget
  20. 20. Success email! After clicking finish in the last step, you submitted a request to Godaddy to make your blog. When they finish, they’ll send u this email telling you everythings ready. Now, type in the name of your blog, as seen in this email
  21. 21. This is your default blog Kinda fuglicious.. Lets fix that.
  22. 22. Login On the bottom right of ur fugly new blog, click Login. If you don’t see that, the address will be
  23. 23. Login This will be the login and password you entered on slide 18
  24. 24. Your Dashboard… and Adding a theme Click Appearance and then choose Theme
  25. 25. Pick a theme You can go out and search for a nice theme. Good place to start is
  26. 26. Download the theme’s .zip file to your desktop Find a theme you like, download it (make sure it’s a .zip file)
  27. 27. Go back to wordpress and click Add New under themes
  28. 28. Select Upload If you have trouble finding a theme to download, you can alteratively search for one here and skip the next slide.
  29. 29. Select your theme .zip from the desktop
  30. 30. Click Install Now
  31. 31. Click Activate You can preview how it will look to see if u like it. It might not look perfect til you have it setup. Don’t worry.. None of this is permanent and its easy to change.
  32. 32. Wow, look at that After activating your theme, go check out your hot new blog at
  33. 33. Tweaking site, using Widgets Click Appearance and then Widgets
  34. 34. Widgets Widgets allow you to add standard functionality to your blog. Stuff like having a list of posts in the side bar. Or showing a calender
  35. 35. Adding widgets All you have to do is drag and drop any widget onto the sidebar. It will then be on your site.
  36. 36. How a widget looks Here’s the widget we just added… this is the Recent Posts widget with a title I called Recent Hotness
  37. 37. Plugins Click Plugins and then Add new. Plugins open up tons and tons of powerful functions. Think of them like a widget, but typically more powerfull.
  38. 38. Finding a plugin You can either find a plugin online somewhere, download it, and then upload the zipfile (like we did with themes). But this time we’ll search for something. So type in any keyword, like contact form, or Bookmark and click search plugins
  39. 39. Find one that looks good and click install Dont worry, this doesn’t actually install it yet, and youll get more info.
  40. 40. Installing a plugin Read the description, and checkout the plugin’s homepage. Click Install Now if you like.
  41. 41. Activating your plugin By default, plugins aren’t active. You have to click Activate. Some plugins require you to set things up (usually easy). After activating your plugin, it will showup on the left hand tool bar. (different plugins will end up in different sections so hunt around for it)
  42. 42. Write a post Click Posts, click Add New. Make sure you choose Post and not Page. (Pages are static things like About Us, or Contact.)
  43. 43. Clickity, click, click click Enter a title, and content. You can add a category on the right hand side.
  44. 44. Fixing ugly link name By default, you get UGLY urls. Such as
  45. 45. Using Permalinks to fix fugly links Choose Settings, then click Permalinks. Change the selection from default to Month and Name and click Save Changes
  46. 46. Links are now pretty Links now fixed. This is good because its easier to share pretty links. Also, its better for search engines.
  47. 47. A word about themes All themes are a little different. Be sure to read the theme designers instructions. You may have to setup a few things before you start.. .or install a plugin. None of it is hard, just be sure to read the FAQs or instrucitons from their website carefully.
  48. 48. By: Adam Smith [email_address] Cell: 808 292 5726 @adamontherun Contact me if you need help. Happy to help w/ simple questions free. For more involved work, I offer top notch consulting.