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Presentation Hero vs. Zero - 10 Keys to a Successful Presentation


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Learn how to be a presentation HERO and create successful presentations with these tips and tricks!

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Presentation Hero vs. Zero - 10 Keys to a Successful Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation Hero vs. Zero
  2. 2. In the world of presentations there are HEROES and ZEROS
  3. 3. We all want to be presentation HEROES!
  4. 4. So let’s take a look at what presentation heroes do compared to presentation zeros
  5. 5. #1.) Presentation heroes go above and beyond. Presentation zeros do the bare minimum
  6. 6. #2.) Presentation heroes use time-saving shortcuts. Presentation zeros do everything the long way
  7. 7. #3.) Presentation heroes keep slides nice and tidy. Presentation zeros ignore slide cleanliness
  8. 8. #4.) Presentation heroes present info with creative layouts and visuals. Presentation zeros use boring bullet points
  9. 9. #5.) Presentation heroes use a consistent theme of stunning visuals. Presentation zeros use random, inconsistent, cheesy visuals
  10. 10. #6.) Presentation heroes customize powerpoint so frequently needed tools are easily accessible. Presentation zeros spend forever searching powerpoint to find the tools needed over and over
  11. 11. #7.) Presentation heroes search for slide inspiration before starting a project. Presentation zeros stare at a blank powerpoint canvas hoping ideas will come to mind
  12. 12. #8.) Presentation heroes use a complete arsenal of slide creation tools both within powerpoint and online. Presentation zeros use only a few basic tools in powerpoint
  13. 13. #9.) Presentation heroes take time to learn design. Presentation zeros have no clue about design
  14. 14. #10.) Presentation heroes practice giving a presentation many times. Presentation zeros wing their presentations
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