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How to Design an Awesome Presentation Template



Hey there, fellow presentation pandas. Similar to feats of bravery including rescuing someone from a burning building, telling off someone who cut in front of you in line, or covering yourself in chum and diving into shark-infested seas, it takes guts and iron resolve to design a really awesome presentation template. There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to creating the perfect presentation slide, and so you must tread cautiously when attempting to come up with your PowerPoint presentation, because having a well-designed presentation template is critical to your success. But rather than quaking in your Italian-designed business shoes and giving up all hope of ever having a clean and professional looking presentation, take heed. There are some fundamental truths to making really awesome presentation templates, and I am going to guide you through them in five easy steps. And just because you’re special, at the very end of this SlideShare there is a free presentation template gift for you.

How to Design an Awesome Presentation Template

  1. 5 tips on how to design an awesome presentation template – Free Gift Inside
  2. Having a well designed template is critical
  3. Here are five tips for designing a template that looks clean and professional
  4. Tip #1 Buy a template from a professional
  5. Why always start your presentation template from scratch …
  6. Buy a template from a professional designer
  7. Free Resource : Find awesome presentation slide templates at
  8. Here’s a few to start ….
  9. Tip #2 – Choose a color theme
  10. Pick 2-3 colors and stick with them
  11. Pick 2-3 colors and stick with them
  12. Free Resource: Find color inspiration for your presentation template at
  13. Tip #3 – Remove distracting elements
  14. Presentation templates need to breathe
  15. Get rid of anything that could be distracting
  16. Tip #4 – Use nice looking fonts
  17. Ditch the standard
  18. You can do better than Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, and Comic Sans
  19. Free Resource: Find beautiful free fonts for your presentation templates at
  20. Tip #5 – Keep everything consistent with your presentation template
  21. Avoid too much variety when designing your presentation template
  22. How many inconsistencies can you spot?
  23. Summary – 1. Save time with a professional presentation template 2.Remove distracting elements from your presentation template 3. Pick a solid color theme for your template 4. Use nice fonts in your presentation template 5. Keep your presentation template consistent
  24. Free Gift – Click on the slide to receive this beautiful template
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