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Analysing covers

  1. 1. Analysis of magazine front covers Cover 1.NME Sept 2009 Dizzee Rascal Edition
  2. 2. FRONT COVER ANALYSIS THE MASTHEAD The writing is bold and catches the readers attention immediately. Block capitals are also used to show it is important and will again catch the readers eye first. It also has the biggest size font on the page to show It is the most important. The name ‘NME’ itself is used to sound like enemy. Which suggests that the magazine is going to be about rebellious or ‘indie’ music. It is the only writing that has all of the NME colours (white, black and red) this also suggests that it is the most important thing and draws attention to it first. THE HEADER Black writing on a white background makes it stand out Makes reader want to buy the magazine – highlights the contents. THE SELL LINES/COVER LINES Black and red, used to make it stand out Also in capitals to show that is is important Highlights some of the bands In the magazine and shows what genre of music Is in the magazine ‘Indie’ THE MAIN IMAGE The page is image dominant, used to catch attention Looks happy, crazy, fits in with the pull quote “I’m spreading joy around the world, man” Rap/Hip hop shows the magazine is a variety of genres. THE MAIN COVER LINE Just has the Artists name in huge bold letters, used to catch attention. He is a big hit around the UK so people would be interested and he would catch their eyes attention. BARCODE/ ISSUE DATE/ PRICE Make sure the money goes to the organization that makes it. In the corner out of the way so it doesn’t draw attention from the main focus. THE FOOTER Has band names, for the readers attention if they see a band they like they may want to buy the magazine USE OF A PULL QUOTE Used to grab the readers attention Shows the NME readers what the main article is about and may make them want to buy it to read the interview Bold letters in capitals suggest it is important BACKGROUND Graffiti in the background, fits in with Dizzee Rascal’s image. Shows rebellion to back up the name of the magazine and also suggests rebellious music. This fits in with Dizzee Rascal who is in the hip hop/ rap scene. USE OF A FLASHER-(offering something extra to T.A) It stands out from the background as it is a different shape to everything else on the page and is also red on a white background. It is used to show something to catch the readers interest and make them want to read the magazine to find out about it, in this case a reunion. RULE OF THIRDS/THE LEFT THIRD Has the flasher and pull quote, extra things on the magazine suggest to the reader they are getting more for their money
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS MAGAZINE METHODS USED TO ATTRACT THIS TARGET AUDIENCE ARE: Using Dizzee Rascal as the main dominant image on the page and also the main article would attract younger people as he is a modern rapper and they would be most likely to be keeping up with modern music. The use of bold colours in the sell lines with bands in would also attract younger people for the same reason, but it would attract males as well. As they are all male bands it creates more of as male theme to the magazine Target audience Profile (possibly add image) Musical interests/favourite artists etc This magazine would be those who are fans of ‘indie’ (independent) music. This is shown by the name ‘NME’ which sounds like enemy, and suggests being rebellious or being anti mainstream, which is what ‘indie’ is all about. You can see the indie theme throughout with the number of bands in the top right hand corner in the sell lines. This magazine would also attract rap or hip hop fans with Dizzee Rascal as the main image and attraction of the page, showing the diversity of the magazine making it attractive to many people. Gender The magazine would mainly appeal to males, as rap and hip hop is stereotypically more listened to by males. It also has all male rock bands in the top right hand corner so it is a very male orientated magazine cover, with females hardly being mentioned at all on it. Social class The target audience of this magazine would be for middle class people, who have a fair bit of spare money available to be able to go to gigs etc. so the bands in the sell line and Dizzee Rascal would attract to them. Cost The cost of this magazine is £2.30. AGE The target age group of this magazine would be generally quite young around the ages of 20, this is shown with the modern bands in the sell lines and Dizzee Rascal as the main dominant thing on the page.
  7. 7. FRONT COVER ANALYSIS MASTHEAD The masthead is in big bold letters, all in capitals suggesting it is an important piece of information and will catch the readers attention first. It is also black on a white background to make it stand out and make it attractive. The name ‘Kerrang’ is also an onomatopoeia and sounds like the noise a guitar would make if it was smashed, suggesting the genre of magazine will be heavy rock. This image is carried on with the cracks through the letters, suggesting the idea of rebellious and angry music. MAIN IMAGE The main image is used to dominate the whole page, it is of a rock band ‘bring me the horizon’ and suggests what genre music will be inside the magazine. It also creates an image for the kind of person that will be reading the magazine. They are all looking serious and straight at the camera, creating an image of angriness which fits in with the rock genre of music. It is a medium close up of all the people. It is pretty much the first thing you see when you look at the magazine and is used to attract people that enjoy the kind of rock genre that they are. The main member of the band is showing off his tattoos, creating the impression of rebellion, but also makes him stand out as different and the most important member of the band. FOOTER The footer shows a brief insight into what is going to be in the magazine, this is to make readers want to buy the magazine if they see a particular band that they like. It also carries on the rock genre, with a load of rock bands that feature inside the magazine and people who enjoy that sort of music they would buy it. SELL LINES The sell lines are bold with an arrow pointing to pictures of other bands featuring in the magazine and also show the reader about the rock genre again, It also has big bold writing to catch the readers attention. HEADER The header is a black background with white writing and a red outline, this immediately draws attention to it due to the colours making it stand out. This is for when it is In the shop and the reader can glance quickly at it to see what is going to be inside the magazine. In this case, it has shock news with a band member in a plane crash, if somebody saw this, it would make them want to pick up the magazine and read what has happened. MAIN COVER LINES The main cover line is the bands name ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ the writing is in capitals, suggesting that it is an important part of the page and draw attention to it. It also stands out as it is white and red on a black background. Next, it takes up about two thirds of the page, so the viewer would have to read it. It also tells the reader what the main article is inside the magazine and if they are into that sort of music they would pick up the magazine and buy it. RULE OF THIRDS The page is split up into 3 for the rule of thirds. This is to suggest that the reader is getting more than they paid for. BACKGROUND Background image is mainly the other members of the band, it shows the reader what genre the magazine is going to be and shows that these members of the band are not as important as the one at the front as he is the lead singer. BARCODE/ ISSUE DATE/ PRICE The barcode and issue date are out of the way and in the corner, doesn’t take any attention away from the main image. It makes sure the money goes back to the industry and to let them know how many they have sold etc. it holds a lot of information
  9. 9. FRONT COVER ANALYSIS MASTHEAD The masthead is in big bold letters, right at the top of the page showing its importance, it is the biggest font on the page showing that it is the most important piece of information. The name ‘vibe’ sums up the magazines genre well for hip-hop. It also has all the magazines colours with black and red together, but faded into each other, which is the only writing on the page which does so, again showing its importance. BACKGROUND The background of this magazine cover is just plain white, this is to make the image and writing stand out a lot more as they seem a lot bolder with the bright colours standing out on a white background. MAIN COVER LINES The main cover lines are again in big bold red writing, following the magazines colours. It states about Eminem which follows his image and shows that he is the main focus of the magazine. This will encourage anyone who is a fan of rap music or Eminem to buy the magazine. It is also used to show the reader about what genre the magazine is and may encourage them to buy it. SELL LINES The sell lines are in bold black writing, along with the white background they stand out a lot. They state about the 50 biggest rap blogs, which will entice readers to buy the magazine if they are into rap music. RULE OF THIRDS The page is split up into 3 for the rule of thirds. This is to suggest that the reader is getting more than they paid for. BARCODE/ ISSUE DATE/ PRICE This magazine does not have any of these things which isn’t a good feature for a magazine cover as it allows readers to see when it was printed and what issue number etc. it is to order, so in essence they’re losing out on money. MAIN IMAGE The main image is of Eminem staring out towards the reader in a vest top, covered in tattoos. It almost takes up the whole of the front cover, the effect of this is it is the first thing that catches your eye and if you was a fan of rap/hip-hop music you would want to buy the magazine. It also shows how well the magazine is doing that they can have a musician like Eminem on the cover. HEADER The header shows more rap/ hip-hop musicians which may make the reader read the magazine if they see a certain person that they like. It also carries on the rap genre and shows everybody reading what type of music will be in the magazine.