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Responsive Delivery


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Effective practices for digital first organizations. Presented at Searchlove San Diego 2014.

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Responsive Delivery

  1. 1. Responsive Delivery Effective practices for digital first organizations @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 ADAMMONAGO
  2. 2. Adam Monago Head of Digital @ ! husband, daddy, musician, yogi, gardener, foodie, politico, and dog lover ! Passionate about #marketing, #edtech, and #design About me who am i? who is ThoughtWorks? why am i here? 2 @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014
  3. 3. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Digital First Content First=
  4. 4. 4 Source: Brian Solis, “Meet Generation C” Online Connected Online Traditional The 3 segments of consumerism
  5. 5. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 A new set of behaviors 5 Anyone use Company XYZ? What’s it like? Does their blog make them look smart? Is there a demo video from an actual user? Search “Reviews 
 for Company XYZ” Do they have a mobile app? Do I know anyone who works there?
  6. 6. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 The demands on your content are increasing! 6 Smart Interactive Search Optimized Personalized Localized Shareable ! Embed Codes Meta Tags Responsive Layouts Analytics
 Website Feeds Email Social Channels Mobile Apps Partners ! Content Attributes Development Options Impacted Channels
  7. 7. 7 @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014
  8. 8. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Your team’s content delivery approach needs to be responsive to change and flexible enough to deal with changing business needs. 8
  9. 9. 9 Source: Mike Bracken, ‘The Strategy is Delivery Again’ examples of digital first organizations
  10. 10. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Disruptor / Disruptee 10
  11. 11. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 gov dot uk : Digital by Default 11 Image Source: UserNeeds
  12. 12. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Common Patterns and Practices 12 Building and Testing in Small Chunks Team = Content + Development Regular Releases - Frequent Improvements Team Ownership Agile and Continuous Delivery Experimentation Customer Focus
  13. 13. 13 Marketers Need Developers Image Source:
  14. 14. Responsive Delivery @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Enabling marketers and developers to deliver quality content empowered by code
  15. 15. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 a set of principles and practices to reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering incremental changes to users Jez Humble,
 author of Continuous Delivery 15 Incorporating the continuous delivery mindset
  16. 16. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Your content development cycle 16 Decide Analyze Design Test Release Learn Plan Do Check Act The Deming Cycle Lead Time (6 Months)Idea Put in Motion Business Sees the Benefit
  17. 17. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 How we do it 1. Feedback 17 4. Automation 2. Collaboration 3. Ownership
  18. 18. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Why is this approach different? 1818 Puts business in control of release timing
 Assumes learning and improvement happens continuously Focuses the development activities around the valuable “feature” and not the time period (iteration).
  19. 19. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Let the business decide when to ship it! 1919 Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Release! Release! Release! Lead Time (1 month) Lead Time (1 month) Lead Time (1 month) Feedback Feedback
  20. 20. 20 Build the Right Thing Image source:
  21. 21. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Examples: Building feedback in Let's illustrate with examples to compare and contrast the approach. Imagine you are brainstorming a feature to allow users to sign up for an online magazine subscription. The scope includes these parts: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Jenny Wong “Continuous Delivery Cannot Succeed Without Business Analysts” 21 Send weekly- aggregated content to subscribers Send monthly digest to subscribers Get subscriber contact and payment information Confirm order via email Analytics Feature: Allow subscribers to sign up for a Weekly or Monthly Subscription
  22. 22. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Example 1 22 Release 1 Send monthly digest to subscribers Send weekly-aggregated content to subscribers Get subscriber contact and payment information Confirm order via email Gather analytics to see which one sells better Editor tool to curate monthly digest Allow users to choose weekly or monthly Release 2
  23. 23. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Example 2 23 Release 1 Send weekly-aggregated content to subscribers Show a teaser page to allow subscribers to choose whether they are interested in the weekly or monthly option, or no interest at all Analytics: Build internal page to tally up the volume within a time-box Release 2 Get subscriber contact information when they express interest Get subscriber payment information Confirm order via email Remove internal analytics on monthly digest, continue to watch volume for weekly subscriptions
  24. 24. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 24Photo credit:Image Source: Break Down Silos
  25. 25. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Marketers, Developers, Creatives… Together! 25 “That allows them to bring in experience and learnings and inject them back into the process and iterate faster, because they are not having to rehash and rebuild.” Jonathan Elliott,
 manager digital analytics at Seek
  26. 26. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Hypothetical team structure 26 Developers Marketing Manager Product Manager Analytics • Business owns prioritization of the work • Developers and Marketers have shared understanding of the business goals • Shared team visibility into tasks and obstacles Content Strategist
  27. 27. 27 Collective Team Ownership Photo Credit: Fabio Pereira, ThoughtWorks, 2014
  28. 28. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Teams work out how to meet user needs 28 • “Principle of Mission” • Work out most effective version of a solution • Ownership and accountability • Take calculated risks
  29. 29. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 How do we check this is happening? 29 Frequent feedback on the effect of team actions on the overall business goals Shared business relevant KPI’s: • Subscriptions • Product Trials • Sales Inquiries Working in small batches • Number of campaigns we are working on at the same time • Lead time • Number of experiments run Continually adjusting and correcting the approach based on accumulated learning. • Team Retrospectives • Improvement of key KPI’s • Customer Surveys
  30. 30. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 30 Automation
  31. 31. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Feature toggles 31 Image Source:
  32. 32. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Video production process 32 Image Source:
  33. 33. 33 Content calendar
  34. 34. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Break up big content 34
  35. 35. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Pro Tip: Design for robots 35
  36. 36. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Caution: but also for humans! 36
  37. 37. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Takeaways Digital First Means Content First Delivery = Content + Code Marketers Need Developers Responsive Delivery Build feedback in to build the right thing Encourage collaboration between Marketers and Developers Collective team ownership - Teams that own results deliver results Use automation to make your team more effective 37
  38. 38. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Organizations that we discussed 38
  39. 39. @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 Resources to learn more Bitly bundle with references from this talk: 39
  40. 40. Thank You @adammonagoSearchLove San Diego 2014 ADAMMONAGO @adammonago