HTML5 on Mobile(For Designer)


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Introduced some HTML5 features on mobile and how to build and design the mobile web page from the perspective of designer.

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HTML5 on Mobile(For Designer)

  1. 1. HTML5 on Mobile (For Designer) Adam Lu
  2. 2. Mobile Will Be Bigger Than Desktop Internet in 5 Years
  3. 3. iPhone Users Use Data / Internet Far More than Average Mobile Users
  4. 4. Why Mobile Web?• Web App vs. Native App• Web App to Native App
  5. 5. Think about Mobile User Interface• Screen Size• Interaction• Usage Scenarios• Network Environment• Hardware Feature• Performance
  6. 6. HTML5 for Mobile• CSS3 Support• Canvas and Video• GeoLocation API• Advanced Forms• Offline Support• Multimedia• Storage
  7. 7. PNG Alpha Transparency• Semi-transparent areas in PNG files• alpha.html
  8. 8. CSS3 Colors• Method of describing colors using Hue, Saturation and Lightness (hsl()) rather than just RGB, as well as allowing alpha- transparency with rgba() and hsla().• rgba-color-opacity/
  9. 9. Rounded Corner• CSS3 Border Radius
  10. 10. Shadows• Box Shadows• Text Shadows
  11. 11. Font• Support for the TrueType (.ttf)andOpenType (.otf) outline font formats in @font-face• embed-font-face/
  12. 12. Gradient• CSS3 Gradient•
  13. 13. Layout• CSS3 Multiple Column• multiple-columns/• CSS3 Flexible Box Layout• box/quick/
  14. 14. Background• Multiple Background Image• backgrounds/• Background Size• size/
  15. 15. Border• Border Image• border-image/
  16. 16. Transform• Rotate• Skew• Scale• transform/
  17. 17. Transition• transition/
  18. 18. Local Storage• Web storage and DOM storage (document object model) are web application software methods and protocols used for storing data in a web browser.
  19. 19. Graphic• Canvas - Method of generating fast, dynamic graphics using JavaScript• SVG - Method of displaying basic Vector Graphics features using the embed or object elements
  20. 20. Geolocation• Method of informing a website of the users geographical location
  21. 21. Media• Video(MP4/H.264)• Audio (AAC/PCM/MP3)• content/uploads/2011/01/LCA_MM_AVProc2 011/#slide1
  22. 22. Forms• Placeholder/Autofocus/AutoCapitalize/Type=e mail, tel, url…• attr.html
  23. 23. Forms
  24. 24. Responsive Design• Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.
  25. 25. Responsive Design
  26. 26. Mobile Web Applications• AppCache: Method of defining web page files to be cached using a cache manifest file, allowing them to work offline on subsequent visits to the page• <meta name="apple-touch-fullscreen" content="yes"/>• <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/custom_icon.png”/>• …
  27. 27. Mobile Web Applications
  28. 28. Usage of HTML5 in Mobile Web
  29. 29. Usage of HTML5 in Mobile Web
  30. 30. Usage of HTML5 in Mobile Web
  31. 31. Usage of HTML5 in Mobile Web
  32. 32. Mobile Design Patterns
  33. 33. Instrumentation••••••••
  34. 34. HTML5 is the future of Mobile!
  35. 35. Thanks! @adamlu