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How to stop masturbation addiction slide


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by following these steps you will be able to stop masturbation addiction but the most important do it with your heart and all your faith visit facebook page

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How to stop masturbation addiction slide

  1. 1. How to stop masturbation addiction 6 steps to stop masturbation
  2. 2. Believe that you have the ability toachieve your goal
  3. 3. Realize and believe that the dominatingideas in your mind will seek expressionthrough practical meaning of attainingthe thing you desire
  4. 4. Fix your mind on stopping masturbationaddiction
  5. 5. Create a plan for carrying out your desire andbegin immediately weather you are ready ornot.( avoid porn).
  6. 6. Set a definite date when you intend to achieveyour goal and stop masturbation
  7. 7. write all these steps in a paper or put it in your tablet, andread it every day and every night twice or three time andbelieve it and imagine yourself stopping masturbation inthe right time you fixed before and make it feel real inyour mind with strong emotions of happiness and joy andsuccess. This is how it works
  8. 8. For more information visit :