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Opening scenes


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Opening scenes

  1. 1.<br />In this image you can see, a reflection, light in the background, cityscape, Glass, Rain, Rope, Different colour spider man outfits. Spiderman has been made to look good and evil. Also the way the image has been taken makes the city look a lot smaller as it gets closer to the ground or further away.<br />The Mise-en-Scene for this scene is Spiderman having a fight, This shows how strong spiderman is.<br />This shot from the opening sequence of Spiderman, I think is trying to show speed, it has gone from a tense moment to an ultimate release of fury. The camera angle is direct from the side showing the strength of the punch.<br />There doesn’t seem to be much light but the image mainly focuses on the sand leaving out the back.<br />In this scene the camera is focusing on red Spiderman, showing that he is clearly trying to hide from black Spiderman. This just makes black Spiderman look more scary. The light in this image is shining down on Red Spiderman from above This shows how much he is struggling to brake free from black Spiderman’s chain<br />
  2. 2.<br />The dusty desert background makes this image look incredibly remote. The fact that they are walking away from what looks like a burning building tells us that they have been busy, probably fighting people. I also think that this image looks very deserted and sandy.<br />Both James and his girlfriend are wearing black making them look powerful despite them both looking incredibly tired <br />In this image the mise-en-scene is James Bond in a car chase, The camera angle makes it look as if the cars are going to go straight into you, but the cliff edge makes the cars look insignificant. There is allot of light in this scene I think it is there to make James’s car look good and the enemy’s car look as if it is about to be engulfed by rock. <br />This is a cracking image, the way the camera makes the cars blurry as they move really fast makes it look amazing. The only light in this image is coming in from the right which makes this quite a dark scene. The car at the back is the enemy’s car, partly because there is a guy with a gun sticking out the window but mostly the fact that there car is black and bad guy’s always drive the black car.<br />
  3. 3.<br />As you can see, there is an upwards view of Batman making him look superior and powerful. Behind him there is a burning building, smoke, dust and a really dark sky. This crates an eerie but corrupt scene. The fact that the film being advertised is also being advertised in flames on the building, immediately makes me think that this film is full of action, flames and explosions. This thought is only benefitted by the fact that the cover is dark and as if it is in a thunderstorm.<br />In this image the mise-en-scene is the joker doing a bank robbery, They wear masks to intimidate there enemy’s and kill each other to get a bigger share. This scene is very violent, almost malicious. The camera focuses clearly on the joker and blurs the guy behind him ( That wants to kill him ). There is actually allot of light in this image, despite it being such a dark scene. But I think the weird masks and costumes more than make up for it<br />Unlike the previous image, this is a dark scene, The joker is clearly focused on again in his weird suit but this time withought a mask. This somehow makes the joker stand out from the rest of his team, who you can see in the background in a mask. The joker is also using a knife, this seems more scary than a gun for some reason this makes him look more of a psychopath. If you look at the rest of the people in the image then you will notice that they are all in suits and are scared, this implies that the joker has broken into a formal party. <br />
  4. 4.<br />As you can see this is quite a dark scene <br />The blue and white light is coming from in front of him, and this makes him look more powerful as if he is waiting for something. I think the fact that he is wearing a full suit and holding a gun makes him look really important. The storm like scene he is standing in looks incredibly dark, it reminds me a bit of the Matrix As it looks like everything is in trouble and beginning to die.<br />This mise-en-scene here is Leonardo Decaprio, trying to find out about somebody within a dream. It is very weird and posh. This is because they are in a posh hotel within a dream weird things happen because they are dreaming. By the look on their faces you can tell they are up to something.<br />This image is of a fight clearly, the reason for the hall tipping is because they in a dream within a dream. The dream they are inside is a van tipping of a bridge. They are still in the posh hotel but whilst the rest of the team have jumped into another layer of the dream one guy has stayed behind to protect them. This is a very fast scene and quite mysterious. <br />