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Capitalizing on Ecommerce in Latin America - Adam Kidan


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In the world of ecommerce, Latin America seems to be the next big place, as the business is still relatively novel, but quickly gaining traction. You can find out more here at:

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Capitalizing on Ecommerce in Latin America - Adam Kidan

  1. 1. Capitalizing on Ecommerce in Latin America By Adam Kidan
  2. 2. Launching cross-border commerce • Entering foreign territories can be risky, so consider working with local web platforms that people know.! • Many shoppers in Latin America will naturally gravitate to such names as Amazon or eBay.! • Other local leaders have become prominent, including MercadoLibre, B2W Digital and NovaPontocom.
  3. 3. Logistics • You can only sell goods or services through your website if you can offer effective international shipping.! • If they don’t know how their purchases will be delivered, cross-border consumers won’t use a site.! • Partner with a local logistics provider that knows the market.! • Know that the cost of logistics in Latin America stays high; about 15 percent of the cost of sold merchandise according to the Latin American President for DHL Supply Chain Logistics.
  4. 4. Payment Methods • Alternative payments such as credit card are gaining popularity. • Cash-on-delivery is still widespread. • Mobile ecommerce is becoming more and more popular. • Almost a quarter of shoppers have used their smartphone for payment at least once.
  5. 5. What about Brazil? • 299 of the top 500 Latin American commerce sites are based in Brazil.! • 81 percent of Brazilians research appliances online, compared to 66 percent of Mexicans and 73 percent of Argentines.! • In 2013, Brazilian online shops generated revenues of $15 billion, three times more than Mexico and Argentina combined.
  6. 6. Selling in Brazil • It remains expensive and complicated.! • There are a total of seven different income taxes, which are cumulative.! • Merchants that decide to use cloud service outside of Brazil for their online stores are charged 40 percent on top of the invoice as an additional tax.! • Brazil imposes a flat import tax of 60 percent on the cost of merchandise valued up to $3,000.