Summon 2.0 finding journal articles WBL


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Summon 2.0 finding journal articles WBL

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Summon 2.0 finding journal articles WBL

  1. 1. Summon: how to find journal articles on a subject http:// / study / library
  2. 2. What is Summon? • Google-like search interface • Searches all our Library resources in one go • Search across all subject areas • Materials covered include books, DVDs, journals, journal databases and reports • Results are displayed most relevant first • Access full-text if available This guide shows you how to use Summon to find journal articles
  3. 3. In order to access Summon log into MyUnihub You can register for password reset in case you forget your login details
  4. 4. myUniHub > My Study > My Library Select „Summon‟ from the list of resources Accessing Summon this way, means that you should be able to access full-text material where available
  5. 5. Enter your search terms (keywords) into the search box and click ‘Search’ If you are using Summon outside the University, then click on this link to set the Middlesex University Cookie on to your home/work computer. This will make it easier to access anything available full-text online.
  6. 6. Your search results are displayed in a list Number of results Your search results list different types of information including books, journals, confe rence proceedings etc Your search results list different types of resources including books, journals, conference proceedings etc
  7. 7. Restrict your search to e-journals only….. … „Journal article‟ from the „Content Type‟ options….. …..only e- journals are now displayed … click “Full text online” to remove print only results….
  8. 8. To get more information about an item… ….more information will be displayed. ….hover the cursor over the title….
  9. 9. You can refine your search in several ways …. Limit to journals which are full-text online ie. you can read the articles on your computer Scroll down the screen for more refining options eg. refining by subject, date etc Limit to scholarly journals i.e. good quality academic journals
  10. 10. Other refining options are available further down the screen Refine your search by subject, date, or language To refine by date, select and drag the button, then click „Update‟
  11. 11. Refining by Subject allows you to include and exclude subject (search) terms Click on „More‟ to get a full list of subject terms
  12. 12. Some journals are available full-text online Select „Full-text online‟…. .…you can then open the PDF or HTML file to view the full-text article
  13. 13. If you are using Summon from outside the University, you may sometimes experience problems accessing full-text items A troubleshooting online guide is available : MyUniHub > MyStudy > MyLibrary > Library Subject Guides > Accessing Electronic Resources
  14. 14. Some journals are available in print only When no „Full Text‟ is displayed, the item is just a reference or print only. You will need to check the journal title in our library catalogue to see if we have it. If we have the title, then check „Holdings‟ to find out where the journal is located in the library and what issues we have.
  15. 15. Need more help? Contact: Adam Edwards or Adam Miller