The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Journal


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In Cognitive behavioral therapy centers, the patients are advised to write things related to the treatments, their experience, changes observed, doesn't matter whether it is positive or negative. The treatments are customized as per every individual's severity.

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The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Journal

  1. 1. The Patient's Diary & The Practitioner's Book in a Cognitive behavioral therapy center
  2. 2. A Cognitive behavioral therapy center administers the treatment approach in a structured manner. This is contrary to other forms of psychotherapies where the affected individuals are allowed to speak freely. Every case is individually considered and the individual lists problems that are specific to him or her to the therapist. Thereafter, the therapist plans the sessions accordingly with the individual and discusses the subjects that pertain to the client’s problem specifically. Why you need a structure? A structure helps in prioritizing and streamlining therapy time. Instead of focusing on elements that may or may not be significant and wasting time, both the client and the therapist can use time more qualitatively in the presence of a structure.
  3. 3. Structure of CBT Treatments The Patients' Diary Cognitive behavior therapy is a concise approach and patients of a cognitive behavioral therapy center would never feel like being in a hospital. The CBT experts would bond with their patients which brings out the history from the patient's (mind)mouth, which is different from the rest of therapies and treatments. In CBT, the patients are advised to write things related to the treatments, their experience, changes observed, doesn't matter whether it is positive or negative. The treatments are customized as per every individual's severity. Things which worries one the most, the least...etc are noted and given required amount of importance.
  4. 4. The Practitioners Book The practitioners of Cognitive behavior therapy have a separate book with every minute details of their respective patients. The treatment begins in a sequence right from knowing the patient history, their past and present likes & dislikes, behind the likes & dislikes, tough scenarios of stress and it's cause/origin according to the patient. The patient is taught of their discomfort level, and how to respond, resist and overcome at such instances. One can be guaranteed to return as a gentleman from a cognitive behavior therapy center. Treatments never end within a center, it travels with the patients forever as a guide, a guard, a true mentor. In a center for cognitive behavioral therapy, the therapist usually conducts a few sessions over weeks that aim to reach the stated objective through different mediums.
  5. 5. Homework Homework assignments vary according to the individual, the nature of problem and the prevailing stage of treatment. The client is expected to work on his or her homework assignments and come prepared for the next session. These assignments maintain a record of the progress he or she has been making. In the initial stage, the therapist can ask the client to maintain a diary and record all incidents, behaviors and words that trigger feelings of anxiety and depression. Further, a lot of exercises are done to help the individual cope with those triggers. Group sessions While a cognitive behavior therapy center performs the treatment one-to-one, there are group sessions especially in the initial stages. Although daunting, to share something personal, talking to people who have gone through similar trauma can be enlightening and possible only at a center for behavioral therapy.
  6. 6. A stress relief center adopts the Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach because of its efficacy in handling myriad problems of the mind and the body. This kind of practical approach aims to change thought and behavioral patterns to get rid off people’s difficulties and also help them enable a change in their everyday lives. This treatment methodology has been shown to bring about important changes in treating wide ranging problems from sleeplessness to drug treatment and even the more chronic forms of depression. A change is enabled in individuals’ attitudes by creating differences in their thoughts, images and beliefs. The most important advantage offered by a proficient cognitive behavioral therapy center lies in the speed of treatment. The effectiveness of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy needs no explanation. The ability of the therapy to deal with human mind makes it the most trusted for mental illness. As per CBT, What we see, is what we think, and what we think, is what we do. Cognitive behavior therapy learns our mind, finds the issues, and molds our mind to differentiate the right and wrong and act accordingly. The stress causing agents are found and solutions are provided to prevent submission, resist & overcome them. This is how, every center for cognitive behavioral therapy center works and every stress relief center should work.