AJ to Lemmy: Secret Santa


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A secret Santa gift from me to lemmy.

i dont own any of the pictures.

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  • AJ to Lemmy: Secret Santa

    1. 1. MY DAY! MINE!!! AND the more Amazing AGENT ORANGE
    2. 2. Previously in In a plot to kill Deadpool, Doctor Doom accidentally caused Spider-Man to be teleported through time and space until eventually he wound up in the DC Universe. Spider-Man is confused and alone in the strange new world, on a planet within the same sector of space as Oa. Larfleeze aka Agent Orange battled the Green Lantern, John Stuart for control of the Lanterns ring, and won. Ever since, Hal Jordan has been searching for his friends Power ring unaware a sinister villain is also searching for the ring. Today, Larfleeze is searching the galaxy awaiting the Lanterns to try and reclaim “his” ring. Previously in AGENT ORANGE Spider-Man Deadpool Doctor Doom Larfleeze Green Lantern Sinestro
    3. 3. THAT SPIDER IS MINE! Give me the ring, Agent Orange! NO! ITS MINE! YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!
    4. 4. Suddenly the fight is interrupted as something appears from out of the vacuum! Our heroes do out best to interpret what is happening. Was that man Larfleeze took down from the Sinestro corps? Is Sinestro after the ring too !? Wait… Is that a Boom Tube? BOOOOM No… Its not Familiar to my ring. This is… new!
    5. 5. BOOOOM Stupid Lantern! I almost had a Yellow ring! He Will Pay for taking what’s mine! BOOM? Who dares BOOM Larfleeze? MINE! Whatever it was, its Mine! Hear that, Lantern? MINE! NOT YOURS! GO AWAY! I wonder if it’s shiny. I wonder if it’s dangerous.
    6. 6. Latveria, Marvel Universe
    7. 7. Two Teleports inside later… I AM VICTORIOUS! At long last, Deadpool is no more. Though it is true that even I, Doom, could not kill him, I have sent him to a place from which he will never return. And it was easy… I may even have been paranoid if I were a lesser being. A Lesser Being?
    8. 8. Say something witty! Something witty. That joke sucks ! I’ve never seen a lesser being than you Doom! And I’ve peeked across the fourth wall! That sucked more. It did. And what about Joe Quesada? I cant take it back now! Not in front of Doom! DEADPOOL!
    9. 9. How is this possible? My armour has the footage of you being teleported to another dimension! Yeah… about that… It might have been Spider-Man, y’know the annoying guy with a red costume and the webs that makes lame jokes? Well then, this was not a complete waste of time. Spider-Man has been as much a burden to me as you! Deadpool, you do realise that Mrs. Spider-Man is going to totally blame you for this? Isn't she like 12? Spider-WOMAN then? You’re just jealous! So how do you plan to make him bring Spider-Man back? Well as long as you’re prepared, y’know, for the pissed off Avengers to come down here looking for their buddy? You mean Spider-Girl, right?
    10. 10. You should have mentioned the Fantastic Four, then he’d really be pissed off. Damn straight. Hah, like he’s man enough to say that to Doctor Doom’s face. … ? Who says … ? It means he’s thinking. Fine… … Mmm… Spider-Woman… Wow… it actually worked. Now maybe Spider-Woman wont castrate you!
    11. 11. Whatever it was landed on this planet. I cant help but wonder where Larfleeze went. Maybe I can contact him through John’s ring. Damn, that cant be good. I hope he doesn’t do something stupid. Never wanted to come back to this planet again, you never can be too safe.
    12. 12. Okay… this is gross. This is officially the last time I team with Deadpool! I really haven't got a clue where I am. Last thing I remember, I tackled Deadpool out of the way of a beam and… Oh god, did it hit me? Am I dead? Is this Mephisto’s realm? It smells like Mephisto’s realm. No wait, that’s crazy, I’ve never had anything to do with Mephisto! Wait… what’s that yellow light in the distance? Is that… BOOOOM
    13. 13. … Nova ? I must be in space! Nova always mentioned how many species were in the Nova Corps! How curious, you appear human but my ring says otherwise. You are not a Lantern as you wear no ring. You are likely an ally of Hal Jordan and I wish not to attract his attention as there are no greater annoyances in this universe than humans and lanterns. The one day I don’t wear my wedding ring…
    14. 14. What the… Oh no. MINE!!!
    15. 15. Oh great, it’s a cosmic fiasco. Just one more reason not to stop Logan tearing Deadpool in two! Sorry to up and leave you guys but this is far from my comfort zone so I’m going to skedaddle and find me a way back to… Earth. That’s odd. My spider sense is going mad, and now the rocks and flames are turning into New York City, its like Mysterio on MGH! My spider sense must be warning me about a toxin in the air, I need to get off this planet. FAST!
    16. 16. As the hallucinations take over, Spider-Man finds himself drifting back to the last moment he can remember before tackling Deadpool to the ground.
    17. 17. Crap, the more I hallucinate the less chance of survival I have. I just hope there's some way I can get home. Before that thing catches up to me. As soon as Spider-Man’s thoughts drift back to the present he continues to flee. Unaware that Larfleeze’s sneak attack on Sinestro has yielded him an early victory. COME BACK STRANGE THING! YOU ARE MINE NOW!
    18. 18. I thought I was finally free of the accursed Deadpool, but if I can trick him into thinking I’m travelling dimensions to save Spider-Man maybe this dimension will reveal tools I can wield to his destruction. And if all else fails, I can strand him here to be somebody else’s problem. Luckily for Spider-Man, help is on the way… or is it? Are you sure? Where? HELLLLOOOOOO DC UNIVERSE! Y’know, where Batman lives. Who? Good point, maybe we should focus on Doom? Is the one that ripped of Moon Knight? Other way around. Does it matter? Who? I think I lost him, but now what…
    19. 19. Where it go? Larfleeze want thing! Maybe Lanterns found it first. GO AWAY GREEN! GO AWAY YELLOW! IT IS MINE! Wait… I think I see the red thing! I found Sinestro on the planet unconscious, I think he must have seriously ticked off Larfleeze. I guess I’ll have to find whatever that was on my own and before Larfleeze does! Luckily for Spider-Man, help is on the way… or is it? Wait, my ring’s detected something else on the planet… two new life forms. Something is going on here!
    20. 20. Did Doctor Doom seriously just ditch us? Who? That stopped being funny 10 minutes ago. Pft. Spoilsport. I don’t mean to stop you guys bickering or anything… But can you hear that? MINE! MINE! MINE!
    21. 21. MINE! Um Deadpool, I think maybe now would be a good time to run. Or soil yourself . To be continued.
    22. 22. HAPPY X-MAS LEMMY!