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Our Rapid eLearning modules are business friendly. Our design and approach helps deliver faster and better quality eLearning, unlike traditional development processes.

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Nii d ebook v101

  1. 1. NiiD Technologies eBook Conversion
  2. 2. NiiD’s Background • NiiD Group consists of Akon, Mascon and NiiD Technologies • Over 25 years in ebook conversion • More than 15 million books converted • Worked with many publishing houses to convert ebooks to various popular formats • Assurance of 99.995% accuracy • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  3. 3. Why eBook? • Constantly growing popularity • A great marketing tool • Additional revenue stream for publishers • Publishing is easier and quicker and costs very little • Revisions and updates can be done easily • Save on paper
  4. 4. Interesting Facts • 62% of publishers are publishing ebooks • 41% of tablet owners and 35% of e-reading device owners claim that their reading has increased since the advent of e-content • The two common reasons of producing an ebook are: – 42% of increase in revenue – 36% of increase in customer demand • One out of five ebook publishers generate more than 10% of their revenues from ebooks • The total ebook sales in US alone increased to $2.07 billion from $869 million in 2011. • The sales of tablet PCs increased by 78% in 2012 and is expected to reach 248.6 million units by 2015.
  5. 5. Process • Scanning • Digitizing and Indexing • OCR • Conversion • Manual Corrections For hard copies: High volume document scanning provided on site (if required) We can scan up to 20,000 pages per day with multiple scanners
  6. 6. Process • Scanning • Digitizing and Indexing • OCR • Conversion • Manual Corrections Conversion of old scanned documents to Digital format. We have 150 people working in 3 shifts to ensure that your digitization gets delivered as quick as you would like to put it to use.
  7. 7. Process • Scanning • Digitizing and Indexing • OCR • Conversion • Manual Corrections Optical Character Recognition is a software that recognizes the text in the scanned images.
  8. 8. Process • Scanning • Digitizing and Indexing • OCR • Conversion • Manual Corrections Converts the book to ebook format like ePub, Mobi, AZW etc.
  9. 9. Process • Scanning • OCR • Digitizing and Indexing • Conversion • Manual Corrections To provide our clients with high quality results, we use auto correction softwares as well as manual resources. Our team of 150 people makes sure that the most accurate results are obtained. We assure 99.995% accuracy .
  10. 10. Acceptable Formats • XML • Pagemaker • Word/RTF • SGML • PDF • InDesign • HTML • FrameMaker • Hard copy • EPUB, EPUB2, EPUB3 • Conversion to eBook from-  Hard Copy/Print Format  Digital Format
  11. 11. Conversion Formats • We can convert the books to any major ebook formats that can be supported by iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Sony ebook Reader, Android, Mobipocket and others. • Most popular ebook formats: o ePub o AZW o Mobi o DAISY o PRC
  12. 12. Layout Elements • Chapters • Sections • Special Characters • Hyperlinked Table Of Contents • Stylesheet • Illustrations • Appropriate Metadata • Footnotes • Links to audio and video files Complex layout elements will be accurately converted to XML with a combination of software and our people. Some of such complex elements include:
  13. 13. • National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is a leading education based government institution. • The project scope involved conversion of NCERT school curricula books for Std. I to XII for all subjects to web based wiki format. • Total Volume Processed: Approximately 120,000 pages of School books for Class I to Class X during 5 months NCERT Online Textbooks in Wiki Format
  14. 14. • ePUB (electronic publication) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). • All kinds of conversion from Image, PDF, HTML, MS Word to epub formats which could be supported by Sony Reader, Noble Nook, Kindle, iPhone, Adobe Digital Edition and others based on customer specifications. • With extensive usage of images, tables, layout formatting into the book that needs to be converted to ePub makes the conversion task quite difficult. • Total Volume Processed: Approximately 50,000 pages over 3 years. Various Conversions for the Most Popular Online Book Format
  15. 15. United States – Chicago (NiiD US) Address: 939 W North Ave, Suite 750 Chicago, IL, 60642 Contact Phone Number: (312)489-8070 Thank You