Gain a Professional Development Edge with LinkedIn


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Presented LinkedIn as an edge to the University of Central Florida Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority

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  •[twitter]Welcome to the “Gain an Edge w/LinkedIn” presentation for @ucfAEPHI[/twitter]
  • President of InternEdgeIs a network that helps students easily connect with the local companies/professionals now, that lead you to landing the career you want after collegeUCF AlumniMBA from MiamiFortune 500 CompaniesPassion for helping people achieve
  • Leading Professional Network on the Web - 120 million members and growing rapidly8th Most Visited Site in the WorldLet’s try this analogy:Every social media tool has its own personalityFacebook is a lot like one of the local bars, say Knight LibraryIt’s a place where you can go in, chat with friends, tell a few jokes and relax a bit.LinkedIn is more like a UCF Internship Fair - place where you’d keep things pretty buttoned-up and formalNo need to mention Spring Breakin Cancun on LinkedInBut the experience you had volunteering for Habitat for Humanity? Perfect for LinkedIn.
  • Connect with classmates, faculty, and family professionallyFind new opportunities for internships and full time positionsManage what potential employers learn about you from the Internet Connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals
  • [twitter]LinkedIn is like a UCF Internship Fair w/120M attendees[/twitter]
  • Over 60 million professionals200,000+ organizationsOver 150 industries2.1 million students37,000 universities groups
  • US: 61,813Orlando: 29, 132New York: 1,806Atlanta: 1,801Washington DC: 1,414
  • AEPhiUS: 4,798NY: 1,624Chicago: 341Orlando: 44
  • [twitter]Connect w/UCF Alumni & AEPhi on LinkedIn for instant rapport[/twitter]
  • -Clearly define skills and experience-"How do I get a job without experience and experience without a job?"-Your college and extracurricular experience relate to the real worldMore than 70% of jobs are found through networking. LinkedIn can help you:Find jobs through postings on LinkedIn and tap your network to get a leg upReach out to your existing network to find unlisted opportunitiesFind your way “in” by using company pages, groups, and search
  • Advanced search to checkout career path that other people with your interests have pursuedStep 3: Your LinkedIn network can help you figure out what you want to doSearch LinkedIn to learn about career paths, industries, and geographic locationsEngage with industry groups to keep up on hot topics and trendsVisit company pages and follow companies to see who’s coming and going
  • Step 4: You already have a professional network if you look in the right places:Start by connecting to friends and family, then move on to alumni connectionsJoin LinkedIn groups for your alumni and the industry you’d like to work inRequest introductions from your connections to grow your network, gain advice, and open doors to new opportunities
  • Shows how you personally connect to any employerStep 6: A bit of prep work on LinkedIn can give you a huge edge over other applicants:Quickly learn the basics about any company—and their competitionFind out and prepare for unique job requirements for each positionFollow your target companies using the Company Buzz app
  • Interview PrepInterests and background of people scheduled to meetPrepared, Confident, with Conversation Starters
  • [twitter]Use the intel found w/in LinkedIn to gain an edge over other job applicants[/twitter]
  • Gain a Professional Development Edge with LinkedIn

    1. 1. Gain an Edge withCareer Planning & Job Search #AEPhiLIPres
    2. 2. About Me #AEPhiLIPres
    3. 3. What is LinkedIn? #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: @boetter
    4. 4. What Is Linked In? #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: LinkedIn
    5. 5. Takeaway:LinkedIn is like a UCF InternshipFair w/120M attendees. #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: smi23le
    6. 6. Who Uses LinkedIn?Over 60 million Latin Africa America 2% 3%200,000+ Asia 8%Over 150 Europe2.1 million 24% North37,000 Other America 60% 0% Middle East 1% Oceania 2% #AEPhiLIPres
    7. 7. Why Should I Join? UCF Alumni on LinkedIn DC NYC Atlanta 1,414 1,806 1,801United States:61,813 Orlando 29,132 #AEPhiLIPres
    8. 8. Why Should I Join? Chicago Orlando 341 44 on LinkedIn United States: NYC 1,624 4,798 #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: Alpha Epsilon Phi – UCF Facebook Fan Page
    9. 9. Takeaway:Connect w/UCF Alumni & AEPhi onLinkedIn for instant rapport. #AEPhiLIPres
    10. 10. What Can LinkedIn Do for You? #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: deanmeyersnet
    11. 11. Finding & Pursing Your Career Path #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: lululemon athletica
    12. 12. No Professional Network? #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: ButchLebo
    13. 13. Key to Landing a Job Shows how you personally are connected to any employer. #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: Tomasz Stasiuk
    14. 14. Stand Out From the Crowd #AEPhiLIPresPhoto credit: andrea-prieto
    15. 15. Takeaway:Use the intel found w/in LinkedInto gain an edge over other jobapplicants. #AEPhiLIPres
    16. 16. Thank You!Adam SinghPresident Land the career you want! #AEPhiLIPres