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  1. 1. Riverside College Interview Micro-teachTeaching Micro-teach lesson aims and objectTitleCultural factors affecting the use of ICT in the Home - MusicTeachers Adam Observers Interview Panel Date 30/03/11Name Heatherington NameModule Riverside Level & Size N/A Week No 11Learner Main PresentationGroup teaching Lecture and method tutor led exercisesTime Objective Teacher Student ResourceAllowance Activity Activity5 minutes Understand Introduction listening PC, Data the Cultural topic Projector and aspects of Microsoft ICT in Music PowerPoint5 minutes Understand exploration Listening, As above the Q&A Educational factors for ICT3 minutes Quiz on CAL Activity on Listening and Q As Above & and CBT webpage & A to lecturer webpage5 minutes Students to Activity using Student Microsoft Word undertake Microsoft independent and Power Point questions and Word study answers using handout and PowerPoint Presentation2 minutes Recap Summary DiscussTotal = 20 minutes Do not restrict yourself to the size of these boxes – please customisePre-session Plan Provide a completed copy of this document for your observer readyfor your pre –session discussion.RationaleThe way people entertain themselves has changed. Many people use computers for theirentertainment and spend hours on the internet or playing computer games. The use of ICThas enabled society to obtain music the internet, Downloads are becoming more popularAdam Heatherington PG Cert 1
  2. 2. as people want to store music on their portable MP3 players such as iPods and mobilephones.Overall Aims of the sessionThe session aims to provide the students with a basic knowledge of Cultural Factorscontributing towards ICT covering the social aspects ranging from using ICT for creatingmusic to the download of music on to mobile devicesTasks for the session 1. Understand the use of ICT systems in the home for entertainment 2. A changing society that is harnessing the use of digital media 3. Making music 4. Understand the fundamentals and concepts of making music 5. The cultural changes in Music in the last decade 6. Problems faced by the industry 7. The way people listen to music has changed 8. How ICT has helped change the music cultureLearning OutcomesTo gain an understanding of the basic concepts of making music and the cultural changesto Music media on the web.Teaching and Learning Methods rationaleDemonstration will form the basis of this session, with the lecturer taking the studentsthrough the Lecture slides and each of the tasks.The students working independently will mirror the lecturer on their own workstationsand will be expected to complete a working web site by the end of the session.Learning resourcesThe session provides a handout at the end for students to refer too when workingindependently.Student participationThe students will listen to a 10 minute presentation on Cultural factors in ICT.Students will complete a 2 minute quiz and a 8 minute question where they will mirrorAdam Heatherington PG Cert 2
  3. 3. the lecture on their work stations, continuous support will be provided throughout. Thelecturer will systematically check on students and offer guidance as and when required.Assessment of learning (formal and informal)Formal learningThis takes the form of the final product, the students web site and the successfulcompletion of the brief which is a site on a particular PE subject, i.e. swimmingInformal learningThis will be demonstrated continuously throughout the session as each of the studentsattending the workshop willHow will I evaluate this session?Observation throughout the presentation and the workshop followed by a Question andanswers session.Adam Heatherington PG Cert 3