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  3. 3. Who?
  4. 4. Genesee County Needs a Thoughtful Group...To Transform Education!Michigan State- Confucius Institute University of West Georgia: Action Research DepartmentKettering University Mott Community College
  5. 5. Genesee County Needs Visionaries! Adam Hartley Principal, Birmingham Covington School Birmingham Public School District The meaning of our life is the road, not the goal. For each answer is elusive, each fulfillment melts away between our fingers and the goal is no longer once it is attained. -Arthur Schnitzler
  6. 6. Thank You! add pics of flint
  7. 7. Who?The Tale of Two Cities: Which one will we lead?
  8. 8. The “Fixed Minded” City Industrial Model Control resides with adults Rules of city must be Followed People are Consumers Four Walls of learning Silos Content Driven Focus is on Success
  9. 9. The “Growth Minded” CityNot a Model...but a part of the community Control resides with learners Rules of city are adjusted People are Producers Learning has no walls & no ceiling Silos are torn down Process Driven Focus on Failure
  10. 10. The “Fixed Minded” CityLearning time is defined by the adults Students are told What they will learn that dayHow long it will take them to learn it How they will learn it What tools they will have access to
  11. 11. The “Fixed Minded” City Motivation is Extrinsic:Students/Parents/Teachers are worried about tests grades/test scores Teachers/Administrators do extra duties for Raises/Promotions Carrot Sticks are the norm
  12. 12. The “Fixed Minded” CityThroughout history there have been changes to the “Fixed Minded” city More Days More Minutes Higher Standards for Students Higher Standards for Teachers Higher Standards for Administrators More Standardized Tests
  13. 13. The “Fixed Minded” CityBut the more the “Fixed Minded” city changes... the more it stays the same They look to other Fixed Minded Cities for Guidance and Comparisons
  14. 14. The “Fixed Minded” CityDoes NOT know any other way
  15. 15. The “Growth Minded” City Learning is defined by the learner Walls, Time, and Content are not barriersStudents learn through interdisciplinary projects that incorporate the content and problem solving opportunities within the community.
  16. 16. The “Growth Minded” City Motivation is Intrinsic: Projects include learners of all ages, learners from all over the globe,and incorporates the learners interestsStudents/Parents/Teachers/Administrators are learners Carrots sticks are not needed
  17. 17. The “Growth Minded” City The growth minded city knows that history repeats itself over and overGrowth Minded leaders do not learn about history They Learned from it!
  18. 18. Genesee Global Learning Hub THINKING CREATING LEADING Many people in positions to change education were born, raised, and live in the fixed mindset city.Let’s create an environment where growth mindset leaders allow our future leaders to control what they learn and how they learn.
  19. 19. Is This the Future of Education?
  20. 20. Is This the Future of Education?
  21. 21. Education in America Are we in a crisis? Newsweek 1958 (get pic)The crisis is how we are reacting to the crisis
  22. 22. Education in Michigan project re imagine new tech highwhere does mi rank in the country?
  23. 23. Education in Genesee County MEAP scores others tests scores state rankings etc...