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For Meeting on 2/23

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Genesee County Global Learning HubThinking... Creating... Leading...
  2. 2. A VISION... GCGlobal Learning HubTHINKING... CREATING... LEADING...
  3. 3. WHEN IT IS SHARED... University of West Georgia:Michigan State Action Research Confucius Institute Department Kettering University Mott Community College
  4. 4. IS CONTAGIOUS...
  5. 5. GENESEE COUNTY NEEDS VISIONARIES IN EDUCATION! Visionary leaders: -Builders of a new dawn -Work with imagination -Have insight, and boldness -Eyes are on the horizon -Social innovators and change agents -Present a challenge that calls forth the best in people and brings them together around a shared sense of purpose
  6. 6. There is no better purpose in today’s world than to prepare our young men and women for an increasing complex future.
  7. 7. 1995(Standardized Test: The Interpretation of Racial and Ethnic Gaps @ $38,543 Genesee County Family Median Household Income
  8. 8. Erasing the Gaps?-More Days-More Minutes-Higher Standards for Students/Teachers/Administrators-More Standardized Tests-No Child Left Behind-Comparisons to China/India-Surface Changes-Highly Qualified Teachers/Administrators
  9. 9. NY Times-August 2009Flint and Genesee County Median Family Income $56,500
  10. 10. “The System” Does NOT knowor cannot envision another way
  11. 11. “The System”John Taylor Gatto NY Teacher for 26 years-Left his job “I’m done hurting children” • Teaches children that their worth is determined by other people • Causes children to be dependent on teachers/experts rather than on themselves • Praises total conformity and condemns individuality as a threat to the system • Teaches that schedule, not interesting work, is what has value • Teaches that value is only possible under conditions of competition • Leaves children with almost no private time
  12. 12. If not us...Who? If not now...When?“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones... We are the change that we seek.” -President Obama
  13. 13. The Gravitational Pull of “The System”“Pilot”Program/ Teacher GCGLH Procedures Fixed Policy memorization Mindset Squelched Creativity Conformity “Education” Routine Industrial Model lower order Content thinking Rules Driven Homework Facts
  14. 14. The Gravitational Pull of “The System” GCGLH“Pilot” Program/ Procedures Teacher Fixed memorization Policy Mindset Squelched Conformity Creativity “Education” Industrial Routine Model Content lower Order Rules Driven Thinking Homework Facts
  15. 15. The Gravitational Pull of “The System” GCGLH Procedures Fixed memorization Policy Mindset Squelched Conformity “Pilot” Creativity Program/ Industrial Teacher Routine Model Content Lower Order Rules Driven Thinking Homework Facts
  16. 16. More Developed CountriesNational Center on -ResearchEducation and the -Design Economy -Development (2007) Creative -Marketing and Sales -Global Supply Chain Work Management Routine Work Routine done by people Work done by machines Less Developed Countries
  17. 17. The Vision -Research -Design G.C. -Development Global -Marketing and Sales Learning -Global Supply Chain Hub Management The Routine The RoutineNorm Work Work done by teachers Status Quo done by students The “System”
  18. 18. GC Design Thinking Global Learning Hub Learning by Creating and Doing THINKING... CREATING... LEADING...Service Learning Global and Digital Competency
  19. 19. Design Thinking Seeking the truth, information, or questioning Learners need to gather information and data through applying all of the human senses Learners convert information and data into useful knowledgeThe Focus is on the innovators...not the innovation
  20. 20. Design Thinking @ GCGLH We are in an informational agewhere information is everywhere and we can get it anytime. Our Focus must now be on what information is useful and how we can use information to better our lives.
  21. 21. In 5 minutes... Text me the name of the Capital of Turkey Tweet me the top 2 exports of TurkeyEmail me the geographical location of Turkey using Google Map That leaves the rest of the time to really learn!
  22. 22. Action Research
  23. 23. Action Research @ GCGLH The data and information gathered by the GCGLH Learners will be converted into real knowledge and willbe directly connected to Genesee County and Global issues Through the action research process... GCLH Learners will attempt to solve REAL world problems
  24. 24. A Culture of ACTION RESEARCHERS Students Teachers Administrators Researchers Learners Designers
  25. 25. Learning by Creating/Doing I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. -Confucius
  26. 26. Creating/Doing @ GCGLHGC GLH If you are lucky Majority of our Theclassrooms “system”
  27. 27. Creativity @ GCGLH Afraid to fail = Afraid to take risks = No CreativityWhat part of the brain are we educating?
  28. 28. Schools Kill Creativity 98% 4th-12th 1st-3rdKindergarten
  29. 29. Barriers to Real Creativity- Grade levels- Curriculum subject structures- Time block/bell schedule- Students assigned to teachers/classroom- Textbooks as curricula/resources- Learning happens in defined places- Nine month school year/Agrarian calendar- IQ Intelligence
  30. 30. Five Key Conditions for Real Creativity -Curiosity - Learner Control -Connections GC GLH -Challenge -Context
  31. 31. Global Competency - The ability to be fluent in more than one language (Spanish/Mandarin) - To become digitally competent-To gain knowledge of the geography, the politics and the cultural history of the world and apply it to our current and future experiences.
  32. 32. Global Competency @ GC GLH GC GLH graduates will show: -Inquisitiveness -Courage -Comfort with uncertainty -Assertiveness-Positive outlook toward adversity - Appreciation of Diversity -Resourcefulness -Adaptability
  33. 33. Digital Competency @ GCGLH Traditional Schools GCGLH Embed Technology Teach Technology Applications into Applications curriculum Teachers Learn First All learners contribute Like an event Like Oxygen Automate Informate
  34. 34. Digital Competency @ GCGLH
  35. 35. What Education Should (will) Look Like - Google/Bing Wikipedia for content - Hybrid Classrooms - I-Tunes for accessing on-line learning - Notebooks, I-pads, cell phones for accessing the global information - Microsoft Calendar for Scheduling and Coordination - You-Tube for Electronic Portfolios - Face book – for students and teacher networking - Apple/Droid Apps for almost everything
  36. 36. Service Learning The aim of education must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who,however, can see in the service to the community their highest life achievement. -Albert Einstein
  37. 37. Service Learning @ GCGLH GC GLH Learners will participate in action researchproject learning opportunities that are directly related to the greater good of Genesee County Community Partnerships will provide opportunities forour students to be leaders in community service projects
  38. 38. A Glimpse into the Future
  40. 40. Adam J Hartley 248-867-7929 twitter:ajhartleybcsBlog: