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Have credentials 2011

  1. 1. The real connection between Europe and the Arab World Our Credentials
  2. 2. HAVE International Group is a dynamic team of consulting and PR professionals led by the managing partners; Jallad, Harcourt & Vestarki. WE OFFER LEADING SKILLS IN: • Public Relations • Inter-governmental Communications • A-List Networking • Private Placement Memorandums • Profit Sharing Projects • Legal Assistance (Commercial) • International Events & Conferences • Project Management • Cultural Relations • Lobbying • Executive Search & Placement • Contract Negotiations • Simultaneous Interpretation our mission is clear… we communicate your message across cultures… across boarders “ ” Our Credentials
  3. 3. EACH OF OUR CONSULTING PARTNERS HAS: • Extensive experience focusing on our core services for major corporations worldwide but specifically Europe and the Arab World. • Led major implementation programs and business analysis at over one hundred and fifty major corporations across most industries (combined). Our Profit Sharing Projects include export contracts, construction developments and where interests converge, we promote commercial and economic events throughout our regions of specialization. On international delegations, we are your chaperoning partner, not just for Simultaneous Interpretation but we specialize in international Negotiation, in the important sectors of Energy, Banking & Finance and Construction Contracting. • Banking & Finance • Energy • Construction • ICT • International Relations • Publishing & New Media Our Credentials HAVE International Group has an international network of professional consultants that are drawn from the principal sectors of….
  4. 4. Clear communications so that business and political leaders can get on with the task in hand… Our Credentials HAVE International Group is about connecting people to people….at all levels and all sectors.
  5. 5. International trade is beset by legal, cultural and compliance challenges and that means you need to be in safe hands when it comes to legal services. Tell us about your own particular challenge and we can introduce you to our “Safe Hands” partners that practice in all European and Arab Countries including specialism in Islamic Law. HAVE Legal Services... you’re in Safe Hands with our Partner Law Firms Our Credentials AREAS IN WHICH OUR PARTNER LAW FIRMS OPERATE Construction | Renewable Energy Sources | Oil & Gas | Import & Export | Public Utilities Public Contracts | Real Estate | Banking | Company Incorporation | Media & Advertising Intellectual & Industrial Property | Consumer Goods | High Technology & Telecoms Energy | Defence & Homeland Security | Public International Law & Arbitration Litigation | Food and Beverages | Corporate Law | Taxation | Labor & Employment Restructuring & Insolvency | Environmental Law | Mergers & Acquisitions
  6. 6. So who heads up HAVE International Group? About our business leaders…. Our Credentials
  7. 7. Dr Saleh S. Jallad was born in the Holy Land and was raised in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. A graduate of the American University of Cairo, he continued his studies in the United States where he gained his doctorate in economics and banking from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. With a vast professional experience with multinational companies in aviation, oil and gas, financial institutions and construction, he spearheads the HAVE International Group as Chairman of the Board, is a broadcaster in the Middle East and owner of the EBU licensed rights for “Arabian Vision Song Contest.” At the largest Arab-owned construction company in the world, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), he is Group Vice President of Treasury, Insurance and Government Relations www.ccc.gr . Currently, and for the last 25 years, Dr Jallad is a Deputy Governor of the Arab Monetary Fund based in Abu Dhabi U.A.E. His professional portfolio includes Chairman and Publisher of Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) recognized as the world’s foremost authority on oil and gas in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. www.mees.com He is Chairman of environmental marine consulting and engineering company Gondwana Environmental Solutions. www.ges-ae.com Dr Saleh Jallad is a respected and published author and his titles include the translation of the eighth century; Fables of Kalilah and Dimna, a benchmark of classical Arabic literature and the inspiration of many European writers such as La Fontaine. He also publishes and internationally presents regularly on the subjects of Conventional and Islamic banking and papers on the Arab World in general. He resides in Athens, Greece, is Vice President of the Arab Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development www.arabgreekchamber.gr and with his vast experience and intelligential abilities he is revered as being at the forefront of global geopolitical thinking, analysis and comment. . Our Credentials Dr Saleh S. Jallad PhD Chairman of the Board
  8. 8. Adam Harcourt is a British-Canadian strategic communications specialist advising on international and bi-national government relations, holding company directorships in various sectors including: Consulting, Information Services and Underwater & Coastal Engineering www.marexuc.com www.haveconsult.com CEO of environmental marine consulting and engineering company Gondwana Environmental Solutions, consulting on major marine civil engineering projects in MENA for land reclamation and underwater construction. www.ges-ae.com Project Director for the approved submission to the Greek Ministry of Environment of the Minoan Group plc Environmental Impact Study. Developing the largest sustainable tourism project in Greece valued in excess of €1.2 billion. A flagship example of an environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism development. www.minoangroup.com A board director at the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and designer of the “2 Nations Initiative” promoting the cultural and commercial interests of Britain and Greece. www.bhcc.gr . Consultant to the Arab Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development for international Economic Forums www.arabgreekchamber.gr Director of Competitive Intelligence Services at Middle East Economic Survey, the weekly electronic publication established in 1957 as the leading objective and information authority on Oil & Gas and economic developments in the MENA region. Subscribers include key players and leaders in the oil and gas industry, government and intelligence agencies, financial, commercial companies, investors and consultants, and academic and research institutions in over 58 countries www.mees.com . Managing Partners Adam Harcourt CEO Our Credentials
  9. 9. Maria Vestarki is the former Public Relations Manager at the Arab Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Development. Her twenty-years experience at the Chamber has placed her in good-stead for relations with the Arab World. www.arabgreekchamber.gr Formative years living, studying and working in countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, and Kuwait. Her academic development saw her as a student at the University of La Verne and, graduate of the world renowned, American University of Beirut (AUB). Her early career as a diplomat appointed by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs www.mfa.gr in various Arab countries contributed to her accumulated networking base that is an asset to the HAVE International Group. Connects and communicates in spoken and written languages of Greek, Arabic, English, and French. In her role at the Arab Hellenic Chamber she has established and promoted Arab-Greek trade for many companies and organizations. Has planned and executed business missions escorting outbound delegates, and welcoming inbound delegations from all of the 22 Arab countries. Her interpersonal skills have made her the choice of Presidents and Prime Ministers when it comes to interpretation and chaperoning on state visits and other prestigious occasions. Managing Partners Maria Vestarki Managing Partner Our Credentials
  10. 10. Put simply - If you’re seeking a strategic partner that can connect your business to the decision makers in these regions and then, to have a strategic plan developed and executed, contact us today. The work we do spans every area of strategy and marketing, from data-selection through to delivery support and evaluation – plus whatever is needed in between. If you need fresh insights or don’t have the experience and resource to tackle a particular challenge, we can provide what is missing. The real consultancy in Greece specializing in Trade & Investment development… Europe and the Arab World We are dedicated to providing innovative professional advice and solutions to improve your business performance and high level connectivity. HAVE is your roadmap to success. We enhance return on investment and enable more informed decision making within your business. www.haveconsult.com Country Office: 19 Astronafton Street Paradissos Amaroussiou,151 25 Athens Greece T: +30 210 68 03 120 F: +30 210 68 03 129 info@haveconsult.com Head Office: The Business forum, 30 Karpenisi Street, PO Box 20533, 1660 Nicosia, Cyprus Our Credentials