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Mind map


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my AS media studies mind map

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Mind map

  1. 1. Mind Map Magazine ideas Masthead name ideas – • Comprehensive rock • Rave • Jet-set • Beat • The A-list • Riff Colour schemes – • Black & Gold • Black & red • Red & green & silver • Grey & black • Black & white • Possibly a black & white photoBrand Identity – • Social media page: Showing links to Facebook and twitter accounts. • Put the web address on a lot of pages frequently. • I will use a consistent colour scheme. • I will use a consistent font which will then become recognisable with the brand. Images of props – Strapline: beat, here it, see it, live it Repetition makes it more rememarable. Stories – • Amorites new gig at the O2 • Wilko Johnston cancelation of gig due to surgery • Kenny Wayne Sheppard announces new tour dates Adam Fox 2052