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Writing Groups in Computer Science Research Labs


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Talk I gave at Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) 2013 on the paper "Writing Groups in Computer Science Research Labs" which describes how to form a writing group in your research lab.

Paper is located here:

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Writing Groups in Computer Science Research Labs

  1. 1. Writing Groups in Computer Science Research Labs Adam Doupé and Janet L. Kayfetz University of California, Santa Barbara FIE 2013 – 10/26/13
  2. 2. Typical Grad Student Feedback Doupé - 10/26/13
  3. 3. What Other Ways? • Workshops – Infrequent • Academic writing class – Quarter long focus – Hard to scale • A writing group – Weekly focus on writing – Grad students teach themselves Doupé - 10/26/13
  4. 4. Research Lab Writing Group Doupé - 10/26/13
  5. 5. Implementation • Meet weekly ~30 minutes – We’ve had ~35 meetings in the last year • 10 minutes teaching/discussing a writing concept – Introductions, data commentary, word choice, genre, academic tone, the writing process • 20 minutes group editing – Try to tie the piece being edited to the previously discussed writing concept Doupé - 10/26/13
  6. 6. Group Editing Doupé - 10/26/13
  7. 7. What Went Well “You see how everybody (even the good writers) are struggling to write even a single paragraph: If you are a bad writer and your writing skills-related self-confidence is near zero (i.e., me), it’s a huge help to boost your confidence! Writing is hard. Period. It’s good to know.” - First-year PhD Student Doupé - 10/26/13
  8. 8. Improvements • Reliance on a leader • Attendance Doupé - 10/26/13
  9. 9. Special thanks to Giovanni Vigna and Chris Kruegel for their support Adam Doupé Email: Twitter: @adamdoupe WRITING GROUPS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE RESEARCH LABS Doupé - 10/26/13