Selenium testing IDE 101


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An introduction to using the Selenium IDE to conduct functional testing of web based applications.

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Selenium testing IDE 101

  1. 1. Selenium Testing IDE Presentation for: South Florida PHP Users Group By: Adam Culp Twitter: @adamculp
  2. 2. Selenium Testing IDEAbout Me Work for my own company from my home-based office consulting with many larger companies. Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineer Created,, more harbors coming. Projects coming Looking forward to php|tek 12 in a couple weeks Ultra-runner (still trying to finish a 100 miler), scuba diver, judo player (black belt), husband, father (of 3), grand-dad (7 times, kids need a hobby) Organizer of South Florida PHP Users Group for the past 2 years
  3. 3. Selenium Testing IDEWhat is Selenium IDE? Integrated development environment to create, edit, and run Selenium scripts. Runs as a Firefox plugin but can be used as Remote Control for any browser. (We will only cover the Firefox plugin for time constraint.) Written in Javascript, considered another Firefox window. Handy way to test web forms and other elements in a web page/application. Great helper when troubleshooting.
  4. 4. Selenium Testing IDEGet Started Install (Firefox addon site is a bit behind) Execute Tools->Selenium IDE Record new test, or open a saved test
  5. 5. Selenium Testing IDEBasic keyboard/mouse action recording Selenium IDE starts recording when it is started (by default). Click the record button to stop the recording when completed.
  6. 6. Selenium Testing IDEBreakdown of test case The test case is broken down into each step/click of the mouse, or input from the keyboard.
  7. 7. Selenium Testing IDETests in XML/HTML Readable and editable without the IDE
  8. 8. Selenium Testing IDEA test suite is a collection of test cases Also in XML/HTML format, it is a list of test cases
  9. 9. Selenium Testing IDEBrowser and editor view of test suite
  10. 10. Selenium Testing IDEExecuting a test case By opening a test case you can execute it by clicking the Play Current Test Case button.
  11. 11. Selenium Testing IDEExecuting a test suite (collection of test cases) By opening a test suite you can execute the entire suite by clicking the Play Entire Test Suite button.
  12. 12. Selenium Testing IDEExecuting a test suite (collection of test cases) By opening a test suite you can execute the entire suite by clicking the Play Entire Test Suite button.
  13. 13. Selenium Testing IDEEditing items of a test case are easy
  14. 14. Selenium Testing IDEWhy manual commands? If your form gracefully errors out and presents a nicely formatted message the page actually succeeded. There is no failure for Selenium to catch if you are simply recording mouse and keyboard actions. In Selenium you would need to set additional assertions to look for certain elements or text that would indicate a failure.
  15. 15. Selenium Testing IDEAlthough you have a test suite open you can still select individual test cases within the suite and execute just that single test case.Changing in individual test case does not affect the suite. The suite is a list of pointers to the cases. (Change a case, save the case. Add a case, save the case and suite.)
  16. 16. Selenium Testing IDEIf you receive “false” test failures because the server is responding too slowly you can adjust the speed in which the IDE executes the test(s).
  17. 17. Selenium Testing IDESetting breaks If you need Selenium to stop in the middle of a test case so you can perform an action, or be alerted of progress, insert a break. This is handy to give you time to perform a needed action before the rest of the test suite runs. (ex. - a new user needs to add a password or if a password reset link is sent in email for the user to manually perform an action.)
  18. 18. Selenium Testing IDEOther run comands If you would like to insert a point where Selenium should stop during a specific run, but not every time, you can set a breakpoint. This will not be saved to the test case, but will affect the current run. You can also set/clear start points if you want a case to run from a certain point. You can also tell Selenium to run a specific line of a case.
  19. 19. Selenium Testing IDESee Selenium runRun Selenium, Run!
  20. 20. Selenium Testing IDEOther uses: Coding and need to test a form/page repeatedly to view outputs. Automate Google searches and continue cycling through results until you find your site. (SEO) Pre-record actions for presentations
  21. 21. Selenium Testing IDEThank you Adam Culp Twitter @adamculp