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LXJS - Immersion


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This is my introduction talk to my spoken language learning platform, called Immersion.

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LXJS - Immersion

  1. IMMERSION@admc
  2. ME: GITHUB.COM/ADMC• OSAF 2007, released Windmill Project• Slide 2008, released WatiN, FlexPilot• Mozilla 2009, released MozMill• Sauce Labs 2010 - 2012• Se Builder, FlexPilot• Jellyfish, WD
  3. HUH?• QR tweets for your convenience• JS.EU made me do it• Interesting new challenges• ~ Two years of linguistics geekery• Exploring outside of dev tools
  4. LINGUALITY• Brain health: (alzheimer’s / dementia -• Makes you smarter: ( - NY Times)• Understand your own language• Fun hobby, interesting social dynamics• Hotness? British dating services... • From a survey conducted in Britain involving 270 dating agencies, the result shows that people who speak or learn a foreign language are more attractive, intelligent and sexier to the opposite sex."bilingual is one way to keep your brain active—its part of the cognitive-reserve approach to brain fitness" - (National Geographic)
  5. BREAKDOWN• Reading, Writing, Speaking, Comprehension• I wanted practical language• Comprehension is about repetition• Computers are great at repetition
  6. THE PROJECT• Web app, browser extensions, mobile app• Find/watch multi language media• Quickly flag new vocabulary• Learn that vocabulary over time• Track progress• Collaboration
  7. TECHNOLOGY• All the OSS Node.JS, Express.JS, Socket.IO, Passport.JS, WD.JS, jQuery, FF & Chrome extensions Bootstrap, Nano, Video.JS, Audio.JS, CouchDB, CMU Sphinx - zomg.• All the services Nodejitsu, Transloadit, Iris Couch, Amazon S3, Google Translate, Sauce Labs• Gobs of Javascript :)• See what happens.
  8. DEMO
  9. CHALLENGES• Life workflow integration• Sensible mobile experience• Getting involved, contributions• Hosted service maintenance
  10. NEXT• Realtime visuals (wav)• Collaborative replication eco-system (CouchDB)• Community for acoustic & phonetic models• Node integrated CMU Sphinx• Senone analysis - grammer examples
  11. SIDE EFFECTS• Better understanding of JS ecosystem• Building fun Node modules• Eating my own dogfood• Learned about linguistics, woah.• Participate in @LXJS
  12. THE LINKS•••••••••••••••••
  13. Q&A @admc@LXJS FTW.