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What is attraction marketing? And How Do They Do It?


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What is attraction marketing?

This post will answer the question, what is attraction marketing? And share how i've used attraction marketing systems to build my business in the network marketing space and how you can too if you so desire.

The term attraction marketing was made famous by Mike Dillard when he released his book, Magnetic Sponsoring to the MLM industry. The book talked about becoming "the hunted" rather than the hunter, by providing valuable information to your prospects and positioning yourself as the leader and authority they want to work with.

So what is attraction marketing? Its a concept of attracting clients rather than chasing them. Its fishing, instead of hunting and it works!

Smart marketers who understand and implement the concept of attraction marketing, either by way of using an attraction marketing system, of simply by increasing their personal value to the marketplace and sharing that value with a larger audience, usually find it much easier to build a successful business and experience far less rejection and frustration than other network marketers.

We will get back to attraction marketing systems in just a minute.

Some other concepts Mike attached to the principle of attraction marketing was, like I just said, increasing your personal value and using a funded proposal. Back to that in just a minute too....

In business, we get paid in direct proportion to the value we deliver to the marketplace. Increase your value by attending marketing events, buying information products that teach you marketing, and by purchasing attraction marketing systems. The more valuable you become the more of an authority you become. And the more of an authority you become the more attractive you become and you can watch your profits soar as a result!

Attraction Marketing Systems - Are They All the Same?

Lets start with this question... What does an effective attraction marketing system do?

An effective attraction marketing system positions you as the leader and the authority so your prospects perceive you as the person they want to work with. People not only do business with people they know, like and trust but those they view as the authority, period!

But an effective attraction marketing system also has to provide you with training and resources that allow you to increase your personal value to the marketplace. Training on traffic and lead generation and how to effectively communicate with prospects specifically.

Solid attraction marketing systems show you how to increase your value by providing training, while simultaneously positioning you as the leader and authority, and shows you how to make more money in your business by leveraging a funded proposal.

What is a funded proposal?

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What is attraction marketing? And How Do They Do It?

  1. 1. What is Attraction Marketing?
  2. 2. What I’m going to cover• Understanding attraction marketing• The problem with all other ways of building anMLM• Principles of attraction marketing• How to use attraction marketing systems to buildyour business with more speed pleasure and Ease• Free training on MLM attraction marketing andthe attraction marketing system I’ve used to buildmy business for over 4 years
  3. 3. The Problem• Pitching your friends and family can beextremely frustrating because most likely theyhaven’t expressed an interest in building ahome based business• Buying leads sucks because it’s a huge sortand the prospect doesn’t know you fromanyone else. To them you are just anothersales rep
  4. 4. Principles of Attraction Marketing• By leading with value and free training youposition yourself as the expert, leader andauthority. People do business with people theyview as the expert• When you lead with a low-cost educational basedsystem or information product you are leveraginga “funded proposal.” Upfront cash-flow for youand a more educated, qualified prospect. Thiseliminates wasting time with unqualifiedprospects.
  5. 5. Attraction Marketing Systems• Systems make building your business easierbecause they do most of the “heavy lifting” foryou.• They position you as the authority by giving youvaluable training and resources to give away inreturn for your prospects contact info.• Systems like the one I’m about to introduce youto has online marketing training so you canincrease your value and earn while you learn
  6. 6. Click the link below this video to getfree training and check out theattraction marketing system I’ve usedto generate over 12,000 high qualityleads for my business, create my firstever 6-figure year and get paid even ifprospects don’t join my team in myMLM.Or simply