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Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Digital Media
Unit 6 - Social Media and Globalisation
Lesson Element 1 - Wikinomics

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  1. 1. Copyright © OCR 2015 Lesson Element Unit 6: Social media and globalisation LO1: Understand how online and social media products are used LO3: Understand how global industries use social media LO4: Know how to plan and manage a social media campaign Learner Activity Understanding Wikinomics You will need to understand how online technologies and social media are used to aid the production and distribution of media products. This lesson will introduce you to the basics of Tapscott and Williams’ Wikinomics theory, which suggests ways in which new media technologies, including social media, have changed the business model of how products are distributed. Your task is to: 1. Define the four key principles of Wikinomics. 2. Identify the benefits of the principles of Wikinomics. 3. Identify how contemporary social media channels link to the principles of Wikinomics. Version 1 1 © OCR 2016
  2. 2. Copyright © OCR 2015 Activity 1: Understanding Wikinomics In order for you to create a social media campaign in Activity 2, it is important that you understand the benefits of online distribution and at the core of this the study of Wikinomics. Task 1 Use the word showers in the table below to define each of the four concepts of Wikinomics. Openness Innovation Crowdsourcing Open attitude Embracing ideas Peering Collaboration Connectivity User-generated content Breaking down hierarchy of traditional business Sharing Products Ideas Intellectual property Emerging technologies Acting globally Globalisation Crowdfunding Breaking down boundaries Expansion Version 1 2 © OCR 2016
  3. 3. Copyright © OCR 2015 Task 2 Read about three of the most successful crowdfunded Kickstarter projects and answer the questions below: • Veronica Mars movie veronica-mars-movie-to-life.html • Reading Rainbow • Pebble technology smartwatch-kickstarter-crowdfunding 1. What principles of Wikinomics can be applied to the Kickstarter projects? 2. Why were the principles of Wikinomics beneficial to the projects and their distribution? Version 1 3 © OCR 2016
  4. 4. Copyright © OCR 2015 Task 3 Write down what the following four most popular social media channels are used for and then use the information from Task 1 and Task 2 to link them to the principles of Wikinomics to show how they can be used to aid the marketing and distribution of media products. Uses of Twitter How Twitter links to the principles of Wikinomics Uses of Facebook How Facebook links to the principles of Wikinomics Uses of Instagram How Instagram links to the principles of Wikinomics Uses of YouTube How YouTube links to the principles of Wikinomics Version 1 4 © OCR 2016
  5. 5. Copyright © OCR 2015 Activity 2: Planning a social media distribution strategy Task 1 Using the table below, make notes on the main characteristics of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, what platforms people access them on and how they have been used to promote real film and TV programmes. You should reference your examples. Social media Characteristics How it is accessed/platform capabilities How the channel has been used to promote real media YouTube Twitter Facebook Version 1 5 © OCR 2016
  6. 6. Copyright © OCR 2015 Instagram Version 1 6 © OCR 2016
  7. 7. Copyright © OCR 2015 Task 2 Using the brief below, you are to work in teams to devise a social media campaign that will promote the new teen TV drama ‘New Life’. You are to utilise the capabilities of the four major social media channels, writing timescales and what content you might put on them. You can use real examples to support your choices. You will present ideas to the rest of the class. Brief: Pointing Productions are a production company based in the UK and they make programmes for the major commercial broadcasters. They want to promote the release of their new online teen TV drama ‘New Life’, which will be available on ITV Player. ‘New Life’ is expected to generate interest from a variety of TV magazines and review websites. The two lead actors are Letisha Lane and Jack Henshaw. They are at present unknown but both were winners of casting competitions by Pointing Productions and have recently received sponsorship deals with major sports drink ‘Excite Energy’ and there is going to be press coverage and interviews leading up to the online launch with Heat and Now magazines and breakfast TV. You can use the table below to help you make notes on timescale and content. Timescale Social media to be used Ideas for content Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Online launch Version 1 7 © OCR 2016