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Juno and the guide book presentation


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Making Meaning in Audio Visual Texts

Published in: Education
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Juno and the guide book presentation

  1. 1. ● M/S Juno looks at the guidebook and looks around to make sure nobody is watching her.● Narrative - She is making a decision, quickly and clearly, that goes with her decision to take them to a different cave system.● This will come back to haunt her – when we look at her later one thing we will see is guilt/responsibility for the position she has put them in.
  2. 2. ● Low angle MCU as she looks down at the guide book – by looking up at Juno she is made to look a little bigger and more significant and powerful whilst she is making this decision.● Editing – this all happens very quickly, lots of brief shots – like a lot of the short episodes early on involving Juno if you didnt know what was to come you might barely notice, but they are there for attentive viewers and for second viewings.
  3. 3. ● MCU as Juno puts the guide book back into the car● Narrative – she has made her decision, she acts on it, and we dont go back and dwell on her face again – she has moved on.
  4. 4. ● MS of June closing the door, job done.● Narrative - If we had cut within this sequence to a shot of one of the other women looking at her (Beth, perhaps, given that we see Beth watching her and Paul by the river at the beginning) it would have changed the meaning of this – but we dont, we cut between different shots of her and the book, the others havent noticed.
  5. 5. ● MCU of the guide book left in the car, which goes from being in the light to being in shadow as the car door closes.● Narrative – this is a visual sign that this one (of many) turning points for the narrative – a symbol that things are not going to go well, as the shadow falling on the guide book has connotations of a shadow falling on the trip as a whole.