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Ao6 presentation


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Ao6 presentation

  1. 1. AO6Map Out A Detailed Walkthrough Sequence
  2. 2. AO6 asks you to demonstrate the playability of your game by writing a walkthrough for a short section.It also asks you to demonstrate some other visual ideasabout your game concept by storyboarding a sequence – a cut scene – and by identifying and writing a walkthrough for a bonus game As a part of this you are also going to finish work on AO5 by choosing a brief sequence and describingclearly how you would use your control mechanism to play that sequence and how the games output would work for that sequence.
  3. 3. So you are going to...● Write a walkthrough for a short sequence of yourgame●Storyboard a cut scene which would fit with yourwalkthrough sequence●Design a bonus game that would fit within yourwalkthrough sequence and write a walkthrough for thebonus game●Chose a short sequence of your walkthrough and, forAO5, describe the use of your control mechanism andresponse of the game screen and sound
  4. 4. Write a walkthrough for a short sequence of your game●Think of this as a cheat guide that you might look up online for a level you justcant get through●It should be detailed and specific enough to describe clearly how you getthrough the level●It should set out at the beginning objectives to be achieved in the level by usingthe walkthrough●It should be comprehensive – it should help you achieve everything in thesequence– find every gold piece, every energy boost, every ammunition dump...●Its not a set of instructions for a Game Tester – it doesnt need to check theworkable physics of every pixel on the screen– and it doesnt need to be preciseabout using the control mechanism unless that is absolutely necessary (andsometimes it might be)●It should be for a complete task – not a whole level but, for example, gettingfrom A to B and getting through the fight/race/maze when you get to B
  5. 5. Storyboard a cut scene that fits within your walkthrough* You need a cut scene that fits with yourwalkthrough sequence* This could be a standard success or failure cutscene that might turn up at any time in the gamebut that fits here, or something more specific* Use a standard Storyboard form (available fromme) and work on 6 to 12 frames. Remember tothink about sound as well as images
  6. 6. Design a bonus game to fit in your walkthrough sequence and write a walkthrough for it too●Your bonus game could be in the style of your maingame or could be completely different – a self-containedflash game?●It should fit into the narrative of the scene – forexample, you have to play a screen of a platform game ona computer in a locked room in order to learn a passwordto open a door and get out of the room●You can write a walkthrough for anything – PacMan andSpace Invaders had walkthrough guides back in the day
  7. 7. Show the use of game controller and audio-visual display for two short key sequences in your walkthrough●This task completes AO5 to Distinction level●The sequences you choose can be brief – 20 seconds of busycar racing or the killer moves to finish a fight?●You need to provide the full details of exactly how to use thecontroller to achieve the results on screen. Numbered orbullet-pointed lists would be good here.● You need to describe, design or draw the game screen for thesequence.●You need to describe the audio for the sequence and youshould provide one or more .mp3 files of music or soundeffects that would feature in the sequence.
  8. 8. Presentation All of your work need to be posted onyour blog - storyboards and other visual designs may need to be scanned.
  9. 9. AssessmentPass – You identify and define a very simple game interface and controlmechanism for your game, although the underlying concepts may not be fullygrasped.Merit – You demonstrate a good understanding of interfaces and controlmechanisms, which are well defined.Distinction – You demonstrate a thorough understanding of interfaces andcontrol mechanisms incorporating some advanced concepts in Human –Computer Interaction Design. You produce an excellent interface design andcontrol mechanics specification for the game. The tasks are designed so that if you complete them in full you should be working to Distinction