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How Google Is Killing Fandango


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Screenshots of movie listings in Google and how this is cutting into Fanfango's business

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How Google Is Killing Fandango

  1. 1. How Google Is Killing Fandango (and other competitors)
  2. 2. Search For “superbad nyc” Movie listing right on Google Homepage. No need to go through the Fandango process. Cutting into Fandango’s ad revenue.
  3. 3. Other Movies Playing At This Theatre Google keeps you on site if you want to find other movies at the same location
  4. 4. Checkout When you click a movie time you are taken to Fandango (notice this page has no ads). All Google needs to do is build a page with Google Checkout, make a few deals with theatres and Fandango will be taken out of the process entirely
  5. 5. What About Other Fandango Content? Sure, Fandango has movie information and opinions, but these days I look for movie opinions from Bloggers and others within my sphere of trust.