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  • Hi Everyone. My name is Adam Savitzky and I am a project manager at Forio Online Simulations. I’m here today to tell you about our business.
  • Forio creates games and simulations that help enterprises make better decisions. Since we are at SAP today, I should also say that the best-run businesses also run Forio.
  • Analysis is forecast-based, which compounds the need for data storage and retrieval. There is always only one accurate scenario for actual historical data but an analyst can generate and store dozens or even hundreds of simulated future data all of which needs to be stored and retrieved.
  • With our platform each analyst generates hundreds of scenarios that are stored on servers and connected to historical actual data. In large organizations there are hundreds of analysts doing these analyses, multiplying the data storage and retrieval needs by 10,000 or more.
  • Our customers are forward thinking in that they believe that decisions should be driven by data.In their decision-making process, they often encounter a problem known to many of us as “Analysis Paralysis”, which looks something like this. Lots of data and complex models lead to slow reporting and a diverse set of analyses done by analysts throughout an organization. Sharing these analyses becomes increasingly difficult over time, which results in poor organizational decision making.
  • Forio solves that problem by simplifying the analysis process. We create online apps that help to streamline and standardize the data-driven decision making process. We allow organizations to leverage big data rather than being crippled by it. On the back end, we offer a proprietary modeling and simulation engine that is robust enough to handle any type of analysis. When taken together, our customers are able to make more effective decisions more quickly.
  • All of our products and services are built upon Forio SimulateSimulate is a platform for creating and sharing simulations online. It features a modeling engine, allowing you to model almost any kind of behavior, and an API for creating user interfaces that interact with the model. Simulate supports a diverse range of applications from iphone games to business simulations for education and training.
  • Here are some of our customers – the one I’ve mentioned, as well as many others. We’ve worked with IBM, SAP, the CDC, Harvard Business Publishing, ad more.JNJ, Ethicon, MIT, NuSkin, Five Guys, CEMEX, Dow Chemical, Sandia National Lab, Schneider, Sears, Worldbank, Climate Interactive, Kellog
  • Forio - SAP Startup Forum Presentation

    1. 1. Forio Online SimulationsSimulation and Gaming Tools for Business Adam Savitzky
    2. 2. Forio helps companies build simulationsthat improve decisions
    3. 3. Historical Data Simulated Future Data Single Scenario Multiple Future Scenarios2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2017
    4. 4. Big Data Slow ComplexDecision ModelsMaking Analysis ParalysisDifficulty SlowSharing Reporting Diverse Analysis
    5. 5. Forio Helps Simplify AnalysisOnline apps help streamline and standardizedecision makingLeverage big data sets without being crippledby themProprietary modeling and simulation platformallows for powerful analysisConclusions can be easily shared within anorganization
    6. 6. Our Product – Forio Simulate
    7. 7. Our Customers
    8. 8. Forio Online SimulationsQ&A Learn more at: Download the slides: