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Textual analysis ansylery

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Textual analysis ansylery

  1. 1. Textual Analysis of Ancillary Tasks<br />
  2. 2. Textual Analysis; Panel 1<br />This is the first panel of the digi-pak. This is a very important panel because it shows the picture that will be remembered and seen as artwork on iPods and in record stores.<br />The yellow post-it note in the middle of shot connotes that fact that he is unsigned and is writing down his signature and showing it to people to try and become well known. The rest of the picture is in black and white and this connotes that he is, at the moment in the background, however he is know within the local community he hasn’t made it big time or even got signed. The picture in black and white and the post-it note being in colour connotes that he is still in the shadows but is trying to make himself well known. <br />
  3. 3. Textual Analysis; Panel 2<br />This the second panel of my digi-pak.<br />The picture was taken in an underpass. This connotes that at the moment he is still hidden away by the major main stream or more popular acts because of their popularity. He hasn’t managed to break into the for front yet. There is graffiti on the wall already and then his name has been written over the top. This connotes that he is trying to push himself forward in the local music scene. However the writing looks cartoony and this may connote that people still don’t take him seriously as he is still 17. The top left hand corner has the effect of being drawn and the opposite corner is the picture. This connotes that he is making himself more professional in an attempt to sign a record deal. <br />
  4. 4. Textual Analysis; Panel 3<br />This is the third panel and the one that the CD is likely to sit on top of.<br />Again like the panel before the picture is taken in an underground setting and this connotes that he is finding it hard to make it above ground and into the record labels and getting signed. However unlike the picture before you can see that end of the tunnel. This connotes that there is literally light at the end of the tunnel and that it is possible to get the well known stage and start recording properly. The writing on the wall is one of his song that he believes to be the most popular and this connotes that the writing is on the wall for this song and that it is only a matter of time before it becomes popular.<br />
  5. 5. Textual Analysis; Panel 4<br />This is the fourth panel on the digi-pak.<br />The grime genre is all about having a large personal image of themselves, and I believe that this panel connotes that he thinks himself to be special and important that’s the reason why he is outlined against the background. Another thing that connotes that he is arrogant is that he is looking away from the camera. This connotes that he is not actually interested in other people and the attention that he may or may not be getting. The glasses connote that he is trying to hide something, maybe the fact that he is still really young and is trying to break into the industry. The post-it note connotes that he doesn’t feel like he should talk to anyone and he thinks he is to important to talk so he just shows his lyrics as statements. <br />
  6. 6. Textual Analysis; Panel 5<br />Here is another panel, this is number 5.<br />This, like the panel before is another way in which his ego is increasing, the writing connotes that he is trying to make himself well known but is finding it hard so is not showing his face. The post-it notes, continued again connotes that he likes people having to know of him. It also connotes good brand identity, because this is a screen shot taken of the one of the opening shots in the music video itself. The graffiti is continued throughout and this connotes that it is a urban genre and it’s a very important to remember your roots.<br />
  7. 7. Textual Analysis ;Panel 6<br />This is the back cover of the digi-pak, its panel 6.<br />This contains all of songs that are on the album. He is standing next to them and this could connote that he is standing buy the material that he is made and is confident in it. The background and how the song titles are standing out connotes that he thinks they are good and worth making bold and a statement about them. Again he has his hands in his pockets, glasses on and a smug expression on his face. This connotes that he is confident and knows that the music that he has made is good. The pencil sketched background connotes that he is aware that he is not professional and it makes it look unprofessional. Grime and indie, the genres that this album is focused around, the focus is on the music not the aesthetics of the digi-pak its contained in.<br />
  8. 8. Textual Analysis; Album Poster<br />This is the album poster for my final part of the ancillary tasks.<br />The urban environment is continued in this picture and this connotes that he understands that the roots for the genre that he is trying to enter is in an urban setting. I have also continued the post-it note theme in this picture and it connotes good brand identity. You can see that chezza is sitting in the background and this connotes that he is still in the background and hasn’t broken forward into the well know artists. Again in the shot he is looking away from the camera and this connotes that he believes himself to be important and this goes along with the conventions of the genre. Graffiti is again used in this poster and it also connotes that brand identity used throughout the ancillary tasks and the convention of grime, an urban genre.<br />