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Mr lane

  1. 1. Mr. Lane’s class A tour 2012-2013
  2. 2. Teaching expectations• As your teacher, I have nothing but the highest expectations for each student this year.• As your teacher, these expectations will be communicated from the very first day of class.• However, as your teacher, I truly believe that if you put the work in, you can achieve everything we ask you to do this year. We will not let you fail!
  3. 3. Rules• 1. Safety first!• 2. Be courteous and respectful• 3. Everyone participates!• 4. “Three Before Me”• (ask classmates for help - then the teacher!)• These rules are simple but direct, and focus on encouraging classroom participation and a comfortable learning environment. When gone over in class, students figure out the reasons behind each rule, and how it promotes our learning.
  4. 4. Daily schedule• 8:20-8:35: Opening bell work / attendance / pledge• 8:35-9:50: Language arts (vocab, phonics, writing)• 9:50-10:00: Morning recess• 10:00-11:30: Math• 11:30-12:15: Lunch / lunch recess• 12:15-12:45: Post-lunch cooldown activity / individual silent reading / Physical Education• 12:45-1:30: Science (alternatively, art/music/computer project time)• 1:30-2:10: Interventions• 2:10-2:20: Overflow / wrap up / clean classroom• 2:20: End of day
  5. 5. Balance• Teacher-as-lecturer and student-as-learner time will be split, so that students can learn first-hand instead of through teacher speeches.• During student-learning time, I will act as a guide for students. They will still discover most answers on their own and in groups.
  6. 6. Attention signal• “If you can hear me, clap once.”• Students who can hear, clap.• “If you can hear me, clap twice.”• Students who can hear, clap twice.• This technique refocuses the students on the teacher for important instruction moments.
  7. 7. Attendance• As students are doing their opening assignment, I will be able to glance around the classroom and see which chairs are missing, and mark them as absent (or late).• Missed assignments are posted on the Announcements board in the front of the classroom.• Multiple absences get a call home, to see if assignments can be picked up or if any other help can be offered.
  8. 8. Beginning routines• Greeted at the door at the opening bell!• Opening bell-work assignment in our journals, usually a review of the previous day’s work.• Pledge of Allegiance
  9. 9. Ending routines• Clean the classroom• Replace any supplies where they belong• Turn off any computers• Clean your desk area• Enjoy your afternoon! Don’t forget your homework!
  10. 10. Assigning classwork & homework• All assignments will be posted in sections on the Announcements board.• Daily Assignments, Homework, and Ongoing Work will each be included. This area should help students pace their studying, providing the chance to learn good study habits.• Also a printed assignment page in your binders to keep track for personal record. This teaches personal responsibility & record-keeping skills.
  11. 11. Collecting completed work• Assignments will be collected from each student personally.• This shows students that I value their work and their effort. It also lets me know immediately if someone was missing an assignment, so I can find out why.• Journals or other long-term assignments are kept at their desk, and collected periodically.
  12. 12. Records and feedback• Students will get assignments back within hours or days. I am lucky to have high-school aides in my classroom, who can help get grades done quickly.• In-school encouragement will be given to finish class work. Parental contact may be necessary if students miss several in a row.
  13. 13. Late/missing assignments• Missing assignments will be communicated to students at least twice a week.• Late work is accepted and encouraged.• Corrected assignments can earn full points.
  14. 14. Finish early?• The teacher has many extra puzzles, learning activities, and challenging work for those who finish early and are looking for more to do.• Occasionally, those who finish early may also be encouraged to help those who haven’t yet finished.
  15. 15. Family contact• Best way to reach Mr. Lane is through e-mail:•• Phone numbers and school address are also posted on the website.• Please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything.• I look forward to keeping an open and honest dialogue with each family about each student!
  16. 16. Questions/comments/ concerns• Please don’t hesitate to contact me.• I look forward to this school year!• -Adam Lane