Social media in Japan, LinkedIn


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While doing some research about B2B use of social media I found these and wanted to create some slides to share. Seemingly LinkedIn Japan's performance is not great but it's gaining some traction.

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Social media in Japan, LinkedIn

  1. 1. Social Media in Japan, LinkedIn
  2. 2. There are already More than 10 books in Japan about how to use LinkedIn
  3. 3. Number of Facebook pages and Twitter Accounts
  4. 4. Interviews with Japanese Users
  5. 5. The interest peaked last year seems to be fading away 3%83%AA%E3%83%B3%E3%82%AF%E3%83%8 8%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3&cmpt=q
  6. 6. According to a Social Media Consulting Company, Half a year ago the site had more active users
  7. 7. Qualitative Assessment• Looked at the last 25 comments by different users on the most active Japan related group (Business in Japan, has over 30K members).• Only 4 out of the last 25 comments were from people with Japanese last names (ending with vowel and at least 2 or more syllabus, etc.)• Seems like most of the content is generated by less than 5% of the members.• Seems like most of the people who left a comment changed their jobs recently (strangely 72% of those who left a comment had a new job started within the past 3 years)• The ones who posted a comment may not be typical users as 8 of those who posted a comment had more than 500 connections (30%). According to this source it is around 17%.• Only 3 of the last 25 comments were from members affiliated with large corporations or organizations.
  8. 8. The Last 25 Members who left amessage on BIJ’s LinkedIn Group The most # of recent Career Contacts Company 2013 240 Independent Consultant 2013 105 City Pass Guide 2012 333 The American Radio Show 2012 69 すずきまさよし 2012 500 United States Patent and Trademark Office 2012 500 Knowledge Bridge Inc. 2012 162 Brush Research Manufacturing 2012 500 CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Council 2012 26 TURTEKS TEKSTIL ETIKET A.S 2012 500 Business in Japan Television 2011 500 Bandai Namco 2011 72 Texas Workforce Commission 2011 270 White Feather Solutions 2010 81 Pro ESL - Professional English Skills and Language 2010 500 Deschenes Production House Inc. 2010 500 KEA Japan 2010 73 Environmental Tectonics Corporation 2008 45 Jolex Inc. 2007 500 Sarkar Office Japan KK India camp office 2006 240 Toyota Motor Corporation 2005 311 Investor Networks Inc. 2005 311 Japan Investor 2003 269 Overseas Trading Support Inc. 2001 500 Matsuzaki General Counsel Office 1997 291 Success Stories Media, Inc.
  9. 9. Qualitative Assessment• Also looked at 4 more Japan related groups. The ratio of comments to members was very low.• Seemingly most of the members reside outside Japan. # of posts by # % in the top Group members Comments Japan influencer BIJ (Business in Japan) 36,592 228 12 20 Japan Intercultural Consulting 5,730 33 12 5 Expats in Japan 5,171 4 27 Japanese Speaking Executives(JSE) 9,352 42 17 2 Kansai Business Cafe 686 4 29
  10. 10. Japanese Culture and LinkedIn• There are no job “swingers” in Western Japan. “Generally speaking” Japan countries Small talk with colleagues & seniors low high people want life time Praise of good work low high employment and many Selflessness and unhesitating sacrifice for ones company high low Japanese don’t want to change Success and social power depends on personal achievements rather than ascribed social status high low their jobs EVEN if they are paid more or offered more The prestige of any company is solely based on its size, paid capital, number of employees, overseas branches incentives to work (rather than its technology or its recent popularity) high low Self employment is encouraged, self employed people somewhere else. are respected (regardless of their income) low high• This table shows Japanese Amae : people should trust each other 100% before any simple business transaction high low values that make it difficult for Chokkan to ronri: Intuition is as important as logic high low Honne/tatemae: Hiding true feelings to not to disturb LinkedIn to penetrate the harmony high low Direct communication style (say as it is) low high Japanese market. Speed of relationship development slow faster Risk taking behavior low high relatively Interest in self improvement and lifetime learning relatively low high
  11. 11. LinkedIn Can Actually Be Useful for Businesses• An early Microsoft study suggested that LinkedIn is best for young professionals who may be interested in changing jobs. For students and people with established careers it may have low value.• The study also suggested that LinkeIn can be good to keep in touch after meeting someone at a business exhibition, etc. (instead of becoming a FB friend I guess).• The relationship is kept alive since people can see others recent activities. And a simple note of "congratulations" may keep the relationship refreshed.• Mid-age people are more likely to use linkedIn compared to people in their early twenties which is the opposite of Facebook usage among those age groups.• Its good for recruiting, finding suppliers and getting information about someones background before meeting that person for a business purpose.• 30% Small business owners regularly use LinkedIn for business (compared with 22% who report using Facebook for business)• 41% of small business owners think LinkedIn has the highest potential for building business followed by 16% who think Youtube is the best. Only 14% think Facebook has the highest potential and only a dismal 3% think Twitter is the best.
  12. 12. LinkedIn Can Actually Be Useful for Businesses• 28% of the users generated new business opportunities• 38% build new relationships with potential customers• 50% built new relationships with people who may introduce new business oppts.• 45% increased face-toface networking effectiveness• 69% reconnected with past colleagues and clients• 37% increased brand presence (online)• 38% found new job oportunities• 77% used to search for people and companies• Source: dpress&Itemid=17
  13. 13. LinkedIn Can Actually Be Useful for Businesses • There are more than 1 million groups and more than 2.6 million company pages and 75,000 APIs. 90% of the users think the site is useful. Most of the members are females 35% • LinkedIn is 3 times more effective when it comes to generating sales leads (compared to Twitter and Facebook) • According to Maccebbee PR these are things companies can do on LinkedIn – 1- Reach and interact with the most influential people in certain industries – 2- improve search engine rankings – 3-Do market research (e.g. search with certain keywords and see what ppl are talking about those topics) – 4-Monitor potential customers – 5- Better represent the brand – 6-Find out about media organs that cover certain industries – 7- Represent the brand as an industry thought leaderSources:
  14. 14. Social Media Has Limited Effects• An eMarketer study found that 88% of B2B companies use social media• BUT• only 18% of them report generating high quality sales leads versus 40% email marketing, 36% SEO activities. Offline-Tactics-Yields-High-Quality-B2B-Leads/1009664
  15. 15. lastly• Japanese people have high social conformity.• Even though Facebook is against Japanese values (early self disclosure, in/out group communication, etc.) it picked up.• So, LinkedIn also may increase its user base one day…