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LegalShield - Presentation - CDA


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LegalShield - Canadian Presentation

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LegalShield - Presentation - CDA

  1. 1. LegalShield. A unique service. A priceless benefit.• LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to a lawyer on any matter without worrying about high hourly costs.• For one flat monthly fee, you can access legal advice, no matter how traumatic or trivial the issue.• That’s why under the protection of LegalShield you and your family can live your life worry-free, every day, every night, now and forever.
  2. 2. Have you ever...• Signed a contract or document?• Been overcharged or treated unfairly?• Received a traffic ticket?• Known a victim of identity theft?• Been in a situation where you thought the advice of a lawyer might be useful?
  3. 3. Over 2 million requests annually• Real Estate: Purchase, Refinance, Foreclosure, Landlord/Tenant• Consumer Finance: Collections, Warranties, Guarantees and Other Contracts• Family Law: Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody• Estate Planning: Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care.• Traffic Issues: Moving Violations, AccidentsIn fact, we give professional advice onall matters from the trivial to thetraumatic (including pre-existing conditions).
  4. 4. How we help you when you call* Lawyers prepare Legal Advice • Your Will unlimited issues • Power of Attorney for Personal Care Letters/calls • Power of Attorney made on your behalf for PropertyContracts & documents 24/7 Emergency Access reviewed up to 10 pages for covered situations25 - 33% PreferredMember Discount Online legal forms If you were my lawyer, what would you charge for these services? * Review the membership brochure for your selected plan and province of residence for full details on benefits, limitations and exclusions of the membership.
  5. 5. Are you confident that your identity is secure?It is not just about Credit!• Medical • Cell Phone • Credit Cards• Cyber • Charity • ID Cloning• Email • Child Support • Seniors• Phishing • Government Benefits • Children• Social Media • Criminal • Social Insurance• Rental • Utilities • Mail• Bankruptcy • Grants • Passport• Dumpster Diving • Insurance • Driver’s License ID Theft: No.1 consumer complaint category for 11 years in a row
  6. 6. Identity Theft Shield (Kroll, Inc.)The membership covers all the expected benefits• Expedited Credit Disclosure• Credit Disclosure Consultation• Consultation to Help Prevent Identity TheftPlus…• Identity Restoration Services• Combined with the legal plan creates complete coverage
  7. 7. LegalShield puts professionals to work to providethe protection you deserve. Dedicated Provider Law Firms • Quality control to the highest standards • Monitored by LegalShield • Prepaid and ready to advise Kroll, Inc. • World’s leading risk consulting firm • Fortune 500 clientele • Prepaid and ready to adviseLegalShield’s customer service professionals ensureour members get the service they deserve.
  8. 8. Exceptional valuePeace of mind for only$35.95* per month(includes yourself, your dependants and your spouse)Your first month’s payment will include a $10 enrollment fee.How would you like to pay?Payment options:• Pre-authorized Bank Withdrawal• Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)* Membership cost may vary based on the plan you select.
  9. 9. Worry-free, every day, every night,now and forever!Who do you know who• has children?• has had their identity compromised?• is self-employed or a business owner?• needs to prepare or update their will?They could benefit from thismembership right now.
  10. 10. Established company. Unique business model.• Established in 1972• 2.1 million requests for legal assistance last year• 1.4 million memberships across the USA and Canada• Owned by a New York-based equity group• Proprietary system of provider law firms covering 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada• Offering a high-quality, cost-effective, legal and ID theft service
  11. 11. Join the Legal RevolutionWhy LegalShield?• Income• Time• FreedomWhy NOW?• Market potential• Customer need• Economic environment• Industry in transition
  12. 12. Affordable one-time investmentFor only $149 yourinvestment includes:• Your “Business in a Box” Associate Kit• A Comprehensive Training Program• Support of your sponsor and team• Online access to your office• Associate Support Center• Benefits Plan Membership** Upon completion of requirements
  13. 13. Building your businessNo time? No problem. There’s more than one way to grow your business.
  14. 14. How you earn incomeCommissions shown represent advances for the $35.95 plan 3 Main ways to get paid 1. $34 $252 Personal Advance 2. $34 $182 Team Override 3. 1% 18% Lifetime Residuals Advance commissions create a debit balance and are earned as membership payments are received by the corporate office. See a compensation plan for complete commission information.
  15. 15. Fast Start Qualify and receive more*1. $34 advanced immediately on each membership enrolled2. Fast Start Qualify: an additional $34 advanced on each membership enrolled at the Junior Associate Level. . . AND3. Advance to Associate level and receive $103 per membership enrolled * 30 days to Fast Start Qualify. After that, advance with 25 membership sales. Amounts Earn Earn shown are from the $35.95 plan. $207 $345 See a compensation plan for complete advancement information.
  16. 16. Additional rewardsFor those Associates who want more,we offer additional incentives:• Monthly bonuses• Exotic trips• Special contests and promotions
  17. 17. Where your business can take you• Paid over $1 Billion to Associates over the last decade• 1000+ are earning over $50 ,000 a year• Many are earning between $100,000 and $1,000,000+ per yearThe earnings reflected demonstrate the range achieved by various Sales Associates. While thisrange of income is possible, it is not typical and no specific income is guaranteed. Individualincomes will vary depending upon efforts and abilities of the Associate and their Sales Teams.
  18. 18. Action steps1. Become a Member2. Become an Associate3. Complete First Step Training (online)4. Attend Basic Training (classroom and workshop)5. Become Fast Start QualifiedDecide how you want to get paid (daily, weekly or monthly).
  19. 19. Marketed by:Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and subsidiariesPre-Paid Legal CasualtySM, Inc.In FL: Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. of FloridaIn VA: Legal Service Plans of VirginiaPPL Legal Care of Canada CorporationCanada©2011 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.