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Network Switch : Its Different Layers, Advantages and Disadvantages


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This PDF describes about Network Switch, its different layers, advantages and disadvantages.For more information visit

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Network Switch : Its Different Layers, Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. 1. Network Switch : Its Different Layers,Advantages and Disadvantages
  2. 2. Network SwitchA network switch can be defined as the device thatconnects the network devices or network segments. Itis the telecommunication device that receivesmessages and then sends them only to the targetedreceivers, unlike hub which transmits to all thenetwork devices. The switches can perform indifferent layers. One of the examples of switch can beHP GBICs
  3. 3. Different Layers Of Switch• Layer 1 : In this layer the switch performs the function which is called as Port mirroring. This helps to send network packets from one switch port to another switch ports.
  4. 4. Different Layers Of Switch• Layer 2 :In this layer, the network switch performs bridging .Bridging can be done in different ways like Storing and then forwarding. In this process the switch verifies the frames before it sends them. Bridging can be also done by Cutting through, where no error checking process takes place. Another way can be fragment free bridging, where the errors of the actual data is being checked by the end devices.
  5. 5. Different Layers Of Switch• Layer 3 :In this layer, the functions are mainly done by a Router .In this layer the Switch can increase their efficiency by delivering more traffic.
  6. 6. Different Layers Of Switch• Layer 4 : This layer is basically vendor dependent. It may contain firewall, VPN concentrator and IP Security Gateway.
  7. 7. Different Layers Of Switch• Layer 7 :This layer distributes loads through the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and includes web cache and can take part in a content delivery network .
  8. 8. Advantages Of Network Switch• The number of broadcast domains gets decreased.• Unlike hub, switches are more hardware oriented.• It can make use of CAM table for port to Mac Mapping.• Unlike Routers, multi ports of switches are available in lower cost.• It helps in logical segmentation by supporting VLan.
  9. 9. Disadvantages Of Network Switch• Sometimes, if switches are in Promiscuous mode they are vulnerable to security attacks like spoofing IP address or capturing of Ethernet Frames.• Proper designing and configuration is required if multicast packets are being handled.• While limiting broadcasts, switches are not as good as routers.
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