Linked In How To Build A Strong Presence


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A very brief introduction as to how you can positively effect your LinkedIn presence.

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Linked In How To Build A Strong Presence

  1. 1. Alex Atkinson8th February 2012
  2. 2. LinkedIn – What is LinkedIn & why should I use it?LinkedIn is THE largest professional social networkwith almost 140 million users online today and ahighly targeted audience of business professionals.If you are in the B2B sector and you do not have apowerful LinkedIn presence, you are almostDEFINITELY missing out on valuable opportunities toconnect and grow YOUR business.
  3. 3. LinkedIn – Getting startedLeveraging the power of LinkedIn begins with a solidprofessional profile & presence.As a professional how do you stand out from theLinkedIn crowd?How are you different to your competitors?What is YOUR LinkedIn USP?What will make your profile visitors want to learn moreabout YOU and YOUR company?“you must first establish a solid foundation in order tobegin building your influence…”The result COULD be…. to generate introductions,referrals & valuable business opportunities.
  4. 4. LinkedIn – Complete your LinkedIn profile 100%LinkedIn suggests having a completed profile givesyou a 40% greater chance for networking success.They (LinkedIn) make it easy to understand HOW toachieve that 100% completion.
  5. 5. LinkedIn – Top tips to complete your profile1. Upload a professional image2. Create a compelling headline – 120 characters3. List your current position & at least 2 past positions4. Complete the “summary” section of your profile5. Complete the “specialities” section of your profile6. Give recommendations FIRST – you need at least 3 recommendations to label your profile COMPLETE7. Complete the Interests & Groups/Associations section8. Edit your Public LinkedIn URL, this will help you get found on the major search engines i.e Google9. Customise your website listings – up to 3 can be listed10. Include links to Twitter/Facebook /your Blog
  6. 6. LinkedIn – Applications & more1. Slideshare – video/presentations displayed2. Reading list by Amazon3. Travel & events – showcase your schedule/activity4. Wordpress or Blog link – pull your blog posts here5. Polls – Conduct your own market research“ LinkedIn helps you find valuable people & informs youof the MUTUAL connections you have with them”This is aligned with the referral process within BNI, it justsimply goes hand in hand…..
  7. 7. LinkedIn – What else can you do to improve your presence?• Great resources on the site:• Update your skills & expertise (currently in beta stage)• Upgrade your basic account to a paid account
  8. 8. Thank you for your time & input Alex Atkinson 8th February 2012