Nepal And Kapilvastu- Two Important Buddhist Destinations To Attain Salvation


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Find Great offers with Buddhist Nepal tours all of packages. You Can See here the merely practice of Buddhism that teaches us about the ‘way of life’. It is a philosophy to lead a moral life and develop wisdom and understanding. More info about visit us:

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Nepal And Kapilvastu- Two Important Buddhist Destinations To Attain Salvation

  1. 1. Nepal And KapilvastuBuddhism is merely a practice that teaches us the ‘wayof life’. It is a philosophy to lead a moral life anddevelop wisdom and understanding. This code ofpractical living leads to true happiness.Buddhism focuses on the teachings of Gautama Buddhawho teaches man to follow the path to enlightenmentand his philosophies are the key to human happiness.
  2. 2. This tradition focuses on personal spiritualdevelopment. The basic tenet of Buddhism revolvesround the concept- nothing is permanent, change ispossible. The Buddhist followers strive for deeperinsight knowledge. This true nature of life can beexplored through the religious tour to Nepal andKapilvastu.
  3. 3. Nepal Buddhist Pilgrimage TourNepal is considered to be an ideal pilgrimagedestination to experience the aspects of Buddhism andits other branches. Nepal, a multi religious country, isdominated by the Buddhist and Hindu residents.Kathmandu, the major capital of the country is themost appreciated as it houses some small Buddhistschool and this site mainly follows the tradition ofTibetan Buddhism. Your trip to Nepal will be
  4. 4. accomplished with age old monasteries in and outsidethe Kathmandu valley.This Buddhist pilgrimage site is not only famous forsightseeing tours but also teaches us the way of livingthrough the Buddhist meditation. There are ample ofGumpa and Monesteries here and they reflect theculture of the region. Some of them areSwyambhunath, Pharphing Gumpa, Kopan Gumpa,Seto Gumpa and many others. Through the exploration
  5. 5. of Buddhist culture, travelers can witness the truebeauties of Nepal. The Crystal Himalayan View,Elephant Back Safari and a glimpse of Pokhara areworth visiting and worth watching. Nepal holiday ismost appreciated among peace loving people.Kapilvastu TourismKapilvastu is a small village and a historictown of Nepal. Approximately located at adistance of 25 kms from Lumbini, thissacred pilgrimage destination is believed tobe the capital of Shakya republic. YourBuddhist pilgrimage tour cannot becompleted unless
  6. 6. you visit Kapilvastu. This opulent site is thedestination where prince Siddhartha grew up and spenthis childhood. This is the place where he experienced allsorrows and pain, decided to abandon all worldlypleasures and devote all his life towards the path ofsalvation and truth. The attractions of the placeinclude the Stupas that have been built by the Ashokaand the Gupta kings. The city has such a pristine effectthat it can soothe the minds of the traveler.
  7. 7. The Buddhist tours to Nepal and Kapilvastu makes thevisitors visualize the bygone days of Lord Buddha whohad contributed much to humanity. Contact Details Format Call us: - +91-11 - 49814981 Fax: - +91 11 49814999 Web:- http://www.india- Twitter:-