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Mgmt404 week 7 project coffee shop communication plan


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Mgmt404 week 7 project coffee shop communication plan

  1. 1. MGMT404 Week 7 Project Coffee Shop Communication Plan PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREDue Week 7: Communication PlanAccording to the PMBOK, "the Communications Planning process determines theinformation and communications needs of the stakeholders; for example, whoneeds what information, when they will need it, how it will be given to them, andby whom." In other words, it lists the general communication requirements for theproject.This week, you will create a simple communication plan for the execution of yourproject. This plan should have the following information: contact information for allaffected parties, major deliverables and how progress on the deliverables will becommunicated to the affected parties (as well as who the affected parties are andwhen communication will take place), and any other miscellaneous informationabout communication on the project.Deliverables:· Business memo summarizing the submission for the week.· Communicationplan