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Top 4 eCommerce Social Strategies You're Probably Not Running

Social advertising platform adQuadrant shares four Facebook advertising tactics which ecommerce brands should be leveraging as part of their digital marketing strategy.

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Top 4 eCommerce Social Strategies You're Probably Not Running

  1. 1. Top 4 eCommerce Social Strategies You’re Probably Not Running Jeremy Fenderson - Media Analyst at adQuadrant
  2. 2. Quick Checklist - What You Should Already Be Doing... Key Metrics ● Evaluate your campaigns based on Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Optimization ● Aim for 15-25 conversions per week (Ideally 50-100 per week) Targeting ● Leverage all information available to target customers (Buyer Personas) Creative Fatigue ● Refresh creative every two weeks to avoid fatigue Promos & Discounts ● Make sure to run the most competitive promotions available Test ● Test everything and evaluate based on the data
  3. 3. Understanding The Customer Journey - Discovery To Intent ● I never even knew this existed. ● I might have heard about this somewhere… ● I’ve definitely seen this before. ● This is really cool, I want one. ● I’m definitely going to buy one of these! ● Where can i buy one of these? ● Who has the best price? Discovery Intent
  4. 4. Tactic 1: Facebook Funnel Strategy Create a funnel within Facebook Leverage multiple ads to attract, educate and convert customers. Prospecting = Brand awareness ● Lookalike audiences ● Interest targeting Retargeting = Sales ● Standard Retargeting ○ View Content ○ Add to Cart ○ Percentage of video views ● Dynamic Retargeting Discovery = Brand Awareness Intent = SalesOutline the customer journey and map your campaigns to meet objectives across the funnel from Discovery/Brand Awareness to Intent/Conversion.
  5. 5. Tactic 2: Advanced Retargeting Strategy Make retargeting more effective by providing a personalized experience using Dynamic Product Ads Retarget potential customers based on their unique site activity ● Automatically generate unique ads consisting of previously viewed products ● Retarget across placements and devices ● Combine with a promotion/discount Typically best performing ad unit available with returns ranging 300% up to 3000% depending on brand and product mix.
  6. 6. Tactic 3: Advanced Prospecting Strategy Create a more seamless shopping experience with Collection Ads Enable customers to discover and browse your products on Facebook, then purchase on your website ● Educate customers with video ● Showcase products directly below your ad within Facebook ● Lead customers to your mobile website to purchase Great way to prospect and display variety of products. Generally performs very well, with ROAS of 200% or better.
  7. 7. Tactic 4: Messenger Ads Strategy Leverage messenger ads to create a more engaging retargeting strategy Engage customers directly with messenger ads and chatbots ● Create a custom audience based on abandoned cart ● Retarget custom audience with an ad that sends potential customers directly to messenger ● Customers can interact directly with the brand and transact within messenger Identify products with high cart abandonment rates, create compelling promotions and leverage messenger to distribute promotions to targeted audiences.
  8. 8. Summary ● Think of Facebook as a funnel transitioning customers from discovery to intent to purchase ● Create a personalized retargeting experience with Dynamic Product Ads ● Leverage Collection Ads for a more seamless shopping experience ● Create a more engaging retargeting strategy with messenger ads and chatbots
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