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Field trip[1]


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Field trip[1]

  1. 1. Mormon Rocks These sandstone rock formations are named for the Mormon pioneers and freighters who would camp near here after completing their trip across the Mojave, and were created by the movements of the San Andreas Fault. Ayde Devora
  2. 2. Granular Structure Granular Structrue were formed due to the weather events, one of them Ël Nino Ayde Devora
  3. 3. Stream Bed Ayde Devora
  4. 4. San Andreas Rift Zone major zone of fractures in the earth's crust extending along the coastline of California from the northwest part of the state to the Gulf of California. Movement of the tectonic plates along the fault has caused numerous tremors Ayde Devora
  5. 5. J Joshua Tree This trees were probably named by Mormos during their 1851 trek from Utah to Southern California . Ayde Devora Joshua Tree
  6. 6. Stream Bed Owens Dry Lake In 1913 the streams that fed Owens were diverted by Los Angeles Department ot water and power to feed the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the lake leverl started to drop quickly. Pictures Taken by Adriana Amaya
  7. 7. Fossil Falls They were formed when the Owens River was dammed by an eruption and ran ovrr the basalt flows, sculpting and polishing the black rock into this amazing geologic feature. Pictures Taken by Adriana Amaya
  8. 8. Metate Holes & Obsidian Flakes These rocks are called metates and were used for plant processing. Holes were used by the Native Americans. The large scattered obsidian waste flakes are the debri fron stone tool manufacturing from the Native Americans. Pictures Taken by Adriana Amaya Metate Hole
  9. 9. Petroglyph Were carved in stones by Native Americans, this particular one describes a place of herding . Pictures Taken by Adriana Amaya
  10. 10. House Rings & Cinder Hill The rock ring were used as shelters by the Native Indians next to the lake. The Cindeer Hill is the result of the violent ejection of trapped gases into the air from vent in the earth’s crust. Pictures Taken by Adriana Amaya House Ring Cinder Hill
  11. 11. Keoughs Hot Springs The water that on this stream is very warm and full of minerals since it is coming from a volcano Vein. Ayde Devora
  12. 12. Mono Lake Committee Visitors Center This a stop suggested before you to the Mono Lake. At this place there’s a film offered to the visitors which talks about the history of Mono Lake. Ayde Devora
  13. 13. Mono Lake Islands Negit Island Pacha Island
  14. 14. Mono Lake A large shallow saline lake in Mono County California, which was formed at least 760, 000 years ago as a terminal lake in basin that has no outlet to the ocean. The lake is alkaline and salty. Birds from Chile migrate th this lake,. Ayde Devora
  15. 15. Former Shorelines Ayde Devora Former Shorelines
  16. 16. Tuffa The damage resulted in the exposure of these tuffas, the water of Mono lake used to cover this beautiful element. Ayde Devora Tufa
  17. 17. Glaciated Valley Glaciers that are formed in a Ü shape are formed by ice the ones that are in V shape are formed by water. Ayde Devora Glaciated Valley
  18. 18. Panum Crater Is a volcanic cone. Panum Crater formed in a sequence of events. The first event was caused by magma rising from deep within the Earth's crust Ayde Devora
  19. 19. Convict Lake Is located in the Sierra Nevadas and is very known for it’s fishing. The lake was named after an incident in 1871, where a group of convicts escaped from prison in Carson City. Ayde Devora
  20. 20. Terminal Moraines They were formed by a piedmont glacier that headed in the eastern Sierra Nevada. Ayde Devora
  21. 21. Lateral Moraine They were formed by a piedmont glacier that headed in the eastern Sierra Nevada . Ayde Devora
  22. 22. Oldest Rock Formations Ayde Devora Oldest Rock F
  23. 23. Benchmark Ayde Devora
  24. 24. River with swallows nests Ayde Devora
  25. 25. Inyo-White Mountains with Bristlecones These mountains countains the oldest forest in the world, Ayde Devora
  26. 26. Cucamonga Alluvian Fan Were formed by the outwash of streams draining the Southern Slopes from the Eastern side of The San Gabriel Mountains. Ayde Devora Alluvian Fan
  27. 27. SETI Towers SETI Towers
  28. 28. Foam from Mono lake Ayde Devora
  29. 29. Owens Dry Lake Ayde Devora
  30. 30. Rabbit Shrubs Ayde Devora
  31. 31. Solar Power Plant