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1.learn deep about rss feed — www.guideusonline


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RSS feed is grand method you can obtain the news at a single place by using this you will obtain to up to date which is very significant to your blogging carrier, I give details what is RSS feed, How to enable RSS feed and also how to make RSS feed.

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1.learn deep about rss feed — www.guideusonline

  1. 1. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 1/17 Learn Deep About RSS Feed Dec. 6, 2015 • 2 min read • original The full name of RSS is really simple syndication as name simple is showing that it is easy it is generally used in news or blog/website. When you subscribe a website with RSS feed then it shows all update at one place. When you subscribe a website with RSS feed then you can read by any feed reader. It is a very important aspect for any blogger you have to use it and it appears in the navigation menu or just inside of blog post. It is the best to get the daily update for subscribing website. You do need to open website all
  2. 2. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 2/17 time you only need to subscribe once and you done your update will show at one place how cool it is. This is not new for whom which run their website and it is generally used in news or blog/website. I will strongly suggest you to add it into your website and get up to date. Here is the example of RSS feed 1. Subscribe news channel from and watching TV. 2.  Paying for the newspaper. It is the practical example of an RSS feed to provide a clear idea about it.You can visit it one place use one of the following. 1. Igoogle 2. Google reader 3. My yahoo  It is the best thing you have to use it and get the advantages of it. How to Create RSS Feed You have to follow my steps first click here you will get a new page which will open in a new window type your website homepage URL and click next.
  3. 3. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 3/17 Just click on next page and choose RSS option and click next…
  4. 4. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 4/17 Now a welcome message appears and lets you that “let us burn a feed for you” click next button and you will proceed for next page. A cognates message will appear click again on next button now you will get a new page check on “clickthroughs” and also on “I want more” and click on next button.
  5. 5. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 5/17
  6. 6. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 6/17 Now your feed is ready. 
  7. 7. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 7/17 How to Add RSS Feed? Now you have to click on Publicize>checklet choose and copy all HTML code…
  8. 8. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 8/17 Now you were done but not finished yet read below.
  9. 9. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 9/17 How to enable RSS feed into your website/Blog    This is also an easy method just follow me.Go to and log into with your email and password and chose “Layout” option…
  10. 10. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 10/17
  11. 11. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 11/17 Now click on “Add a Gadget” option a new tab will open choose HTML/JavaScript option. It will appear with two option first is Title and second is Content. In content paste your copy HTML which is already done and click done. Congratulation you have been successfully adding you blog RSS feed into your blog/website.
  12. 12. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 12/17 You’re RSS feed subscribe option will show like this...
  13. 13. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 13/17 How to subscribe a blog/website RSS feed? Follow my steps and you will learn how to subscribe a RSS feed. Let’s take a example of my website. My website RSS feed appear at top right where option is saying “Subscribe in a reader” then a new page will open.
  14. 14. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 14/17 There are many options showing regard to RSS feed reader I am going to choose My Yahoo! Option and it will lead me to my yahoo email account. Note that you have also a yahoo email account, just click on “Subscribe with My Yahoo!” option and you will redirect to yahoo account. Click on Add to My option.
  15. 15. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 15/17
  16. 16. 04/01/2016 Learn Deep About RSS Feed — 16/17  Now page will automatically reload and feed has successfully added, now when I post a new article then it will appear in there. You can add lots of feed according to your interest.  This is the best thing you have to use it. You can see all update at one place and not need to open all website to check for new information. Hope this post help you if you have any question you can ask me in a comment I will happy to help you. Original URL: