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Seo and facebook

  1. 1. SEO and Facebook Presented by Chris Zietlow of Spyder Byte Design
  2. 2. What is SEO?
  3. 3. Search Engine OptimizationSEO is the process of making it more likely asearch engine will return your site near the top.
  4. 4. Who Needs SEO?
  5. 5. Everyone!
  6. 6. On-Site Optimization● Optimize for keywords. Figure out how people are going to look for you.● Improve your URLs. Even to search engines is better than● No broken links! People hate seeing “Page not found” and so do search engines.● Write good, relevant content. Google knows.
  7. 7. Off-Site Optimization● Encourage sites to link to you. Google assumes that sites many people are linking to are important. The more important the site that links to you the better.● Encourage people to talk about you on Social Networks.● Encourage people to visit your sites, page visits are a big part of your overall ranking.● Update your site regularly...
  8. 8. Facebook doesnt have to be a mystery...
  9. 9. Quick Facts About Facebook● There are 845 Million Facebook users, and 92% of people on Facebook are only 5 users apart.● The US has over 170 Million of those users, around 1 in 2 people.● 50% of those users log on any given day, and will spend over 700 minutes on Facebook per month.● Search engines are indexing social media and using it to weight searches.
  10. 10. Benefits of Having a Facebook Page● Visibility – Having a Facebook network allows you to reach a huge audience.● Credibility – When a user shares something youve posted, they are signaling to their friends that they trust what you say.● Accessibility – As fans of your business follow your page, you gain the ability to post directly to their home page and be the first thing your fans see when they log on.
  11. 11. Engaging the Community● Things you post will create your public image.● If you want people to come to your page or site, put things up that people are going to want to see.
  12. 12. Generating Traffic● Like other local businesses to encourage them to return the favor.● Encourage existing customers to follow you on Facebook for special deals.● Use a QR code to bring people to your home site or Facebook Page.● Set up employees with the ability to post to keep content on your page fresh.
  13. 13. Suggested Posting Topics● Community events. Take lots of pictures and show people what your company has been doing.● Post your specials and deals. People are likely to share specials with their friends, which will boost traffic to your page.● Host events and use the Facebook calendar and sign up capability to encourage attendance.
  14. 14. Do● Post lots of big pictures. No tiny pixelated thumbnails please!● Be relevant to what your business/page is about.● Get people to interact and talk back to you. People love to talk and watch conversations.● Use Facebook insights, figure out what works.● Tell your followers you appreciate them. Happy followers get their friends to follow too.
  15. 15. Dont● Leave information blank. If it looks like you dont care about your page, neither will anyone else.● Use a bad cover photo. People are getting more and more visual, and the cover photo is their first impression.● Post bricks of text or post incessantly. Dont be “that guy” in the conversation.
  16. 16. Facebook Insights
  17. 17. How To?