Driving a Global Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works


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Driving a Global Facebook Marketing Strategy that Works

  1. Driving a Global Facebook Marketing Strategy That Works<br />October 2010<br />© 2010 Buddy Media. Confidential.<br />
  2. 4<br />The Opportunity: World’s Largest 2-way Global Media Platform<br /><ul><li>500M users+
  3. Half login daily
  4. 500B minutes/month
  5. 30B pieces of content shared monthly
  6. #1 site in US
  7. Global marketing on one platform at scale for the first time!</li></ul>Facebook Penetration<br />(% of online population)<br />Russia: 4%<br />Canada: 60%<br />UK: 63%<br />France: 47%<br />Turkey 83%<br />US: 63%<br />Spain: 40%<br />Indonesia: 100%<br />Philippines: 100%<br />Ghana 43%<br />Chile: 85%<br />Ecuador: 82%<br />Columbia: 79%<br />South Africa: 69%<br />Australia: 55%<br />SOURCE: Hitwise, Facebook.com, Checkfacebook.com. October 2010.<br />
  8. Global Marketing on Facebook: How do you activate?<br /> Two Options:<br /><ul><li>Create a single presence with different language versions
  9. Create multiple presences in each country and create large network </li></ul> Once you’ve decided on your strategy<br />-Drive engagement and interaction <br />-Listen to your customers and take action <br />-Build community<br />5<br />
  10. Dove + Global =1 unified Global Page, many versions <br />
  11. Eat Pray Love – 13 Markets, 1 template, 13 languages<br />7<br /><ul><li>Each region maintains their own content, keeping it fresh.
  12. Metrics are reported in real-time
  13. One solution manages every country
  14. Same consistent look and feel, different language</li></li></ul><li>Each page has their own community <br />8<br />
  15. 10/11/2010<br />9<br />Utilize existing databases to grow fan bases<br />
  16. Utilize television to drive to Facebook<br />
  17. Power to the people – give them choices<br />
  18. 10/11/2010<br />12<br />Drive conversions within Facebook <br />
  19. Utilize “Fan Only” Content<br />
  20. A few take aways… What you shouldn’t do <br /><ul><li>Don’t provide exclusive promo codes on FB and then post them in other locations.
  21. If you are in multiple networks, don’t be redundant (e.g. duplicate posts on Twitter and FB).
  22. Don’t lose the chance to engage your fans with social experiences. Facebook is meant to share things with friends.
  23. Don’t ask closed questions. Get fans to converse with open-ended questions and comments.
  24. Don’t ignore the conversations taking place within your newsfeed. Your fans love you. Show them love back by participating in the discussions. </li></ul>14<br />
  25. Starwood creates a global community network <br />October 2010<br />© 2010 Buddy Media. Confidential.<br />
  26. Starwood creates massive network within Facebook<br />16<br />
  27. 1. Build out brand level Facebook Pages<br /><ul><li>Build brand affinity and inspiration
  28. Attract brand advocates
  29. Connection to localized regional pages
  30. Drive reservations </li></ul>17<br />
  31. 2. Build out property level pages (1,000 local pages)<br /><ul><li>Generate more community engagement
  32. Greater focus around events
  33. Greater connection with users who are advocates
  34. Create localized presence
  35. Drive distinct offers </li></ul>18<br />
  36. Drive from web to Facebook – Implement “Like” Buttons <br />19<br />
  37. Create customized experiences for the user<br />20<br />
  38. Drive fans to engage with content <br />21<br />
  39. SPG rolls out +Global: US, China, Germany/ Single Page<br />
  40. SPG + Global: How does it work?<br />United States<br />UK (English)<br />France<br />1. User has previously selected his or her language when they signed up for Facebook, and Facebook is able to pull their country location and pass that information to us.<br />Our Platform uses the “fb_sig_locale” and the new “fb_sig_country” variables to allow brands to serve custom FB Pages by language and market globally. This methodology does not require a user to ‘click’ or activate for detection.<br />2. User visits a tab on a brand’s Facebook Page. The Platform detects the user’s language and country and serves a custom experience based on those language and country location parameters. <br />UK (English)<br />France<br />United States<br />(Country: US)<br />(Language: English-US)<br />(Country: UK)<br />(Language: English-UK)<br />(Country: France)<br />(Language: English-US)<br />
  41. Thank You!<br />24<br />