Social Silobuster: Data-Driven Marketers - Brian Killen DMA2011


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Brian Killen at DMA 2011. Social Silobuster: Data-Driven Marketers

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  • While social profile data is a game changer for marketers, it also adds complexity to customer management. Data is complex & dynamic; not only complex in the breadth of information but also that its constantly changing.. For example: a customer may change locations or marital status which would change the nature of your recommendations to them. It must be actionable. If you cannot pass it on to other systems like your CRM, ecommerce, or Email Marketing systems, it is not very useful. Additionally, you don’t want to start fresh on every user; you want manage and combine the social data with other data sources to make it useful; so you can drive further actionable results.Lastly, you can only gather all this data if it is easy to collect from users and once collected, you need to find a way to store and manage it easily.
  • Once you’ve integrated the tools that add a social layer to your sites, you’ll find that site visitors willing share information from their social or identity profiles with you that give insights deeper than ever before. Depending on the provider, they could be sharing up to 30 different fields of information with you including location, demographics, interests, activities and their friends.
  • But how do you access this data?One of the easiest is to allow Social Login…let your customers bring their existing identity and profile into your experience. Enable the login at the point of conversion (registration, commenting, sharing, reviews)Don’t ask them to fill out yet another registration form or create a new profile.
  • The breadth of available profile data across the top 10 social networks offers websites a view into their customers like never before.Consumers are showing up at your website with this information in a readily available format
  • Combining the rich social profile data collected with the consumers site activity and online behaviors is very powerful for the marketer.
  • Deployed Janrain Capture in less than 4 weeks and…Store multiple user identities from various social networksCentralized location for rich user profile and activity dataOn-demand access for personalization of site and campaignsSelectively share profile data with applicationsIntegrate with third party applications, such as email, CRM, CMS, e-commerce
  • Dynamic: recommendationsbased on updates to your FacebookdataHere you can see how Roger Smith’s interest in the movie “The English Patient” from Facebook has triggered a number of related products that he may be interested in buying.When Roger returns to the site the next time, Sears can leverage his latest and greatest social profile to help make even better recommendations.
  • Sears also offers a social shopping experience, to leverage social profile data to make product recommendations for friends based on their interests and likes. Here we see that Ann’s friend Kelly has a birthday coming up and she likes Reading – Ann can view gift suggestions specifically for Kelly. Sears pulls social profile data on a user’s friends and family, which is something that no recommendation engine could provide.
  • Social Silobuster: Data-Driven Marketers - Brian Killen DMA2011

    1. 1.
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    3. 3. Access to Social Data is a Game Changer<br />Create more personalized user experiences<br />Improve targeting, content relevance and timing<br />Streamline acquisition and purchase process<br />Empower brand advocates <br />
    4. 4. Leveraging Social Data for Multichannel Marketing<br />Data is complex and dynamic<br />Useful only if actionable<br />Relevant only when combined with other data sources<br />Consumer privacy should be a top priority<br />Focus on consumer opt-in for access to social insights<br />4<br />
    5. 5. 3 Sources of Social Insights<br />Structured Data from Social Profiles <br />Social Login (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn)<br />Packaged Analytics<br />Influence Tools<br />Segment Modeling<br />Unstructured Data<br />Social Listening / Monitoring<br />
    6. 6. Introduction to the Social Profile<br />Get to Know Ann<br />Get to know Anne<br /><ul><li>Name
    7. 7. Gender
    8. 8. Age
    9. 9. Status
    10. 10. Photo
    11. 11. About Me
    12. 12. Location
    13. 13. Birthday
    14. 14. Time Zone
    15. 15. Address</li></ul>What Ann Likes<br /><ul><li>Music
    16. 16. Books
    17. 17. TV Shows
    18. 18. Movies
    19. 19. Interests</li></ul>Meet Ann’s Friends<br /><ul><li>Gather same profile data on each user</li></ul>6<br />
    20. 20. How Do You Access Social Profile Data?<br />Through enabling social login on your website<br />During point of conversion (registration, commenting, sharing, reviews)<br />User gives permission to access profile data<br />Ask for data all at once or through progression of actions on site <br />
    21. 21. What Types of Data Are Available?<br />8<br />
    22. 22. Useful Tool Worth Considering <br />Janrain – They solve many technical headaches<br />Engage, Connects your website to the social networks and makes it easy for your users to login with an existing identity profile from social networks or identity providers like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo, to speed up online registration.<br />Capture, Collect and store user profile data gathered at the point of online registration or authentication in a cloud based online user management system.<br />Social Graph Solutions, store data that you may not be ready to manage and store<br />
    23. 23. Consumer Influence in Social Media <br />
    24. 24. Packaged Social Analytics / Influence <br />Influencer Identification and Scoring <br />Products in this segment are not completely reliable but that’s okay..<br />Experiment and learn to incorporate influencer insights into campaigns <br />Focus on specific use cases<br />Loyalty is a good place to start<br />Best employed with a mix of CRM, demographic and psychographic data<br />
    25. 25. Useful Social Insight / Influence Tools<br />Klout – Social Influence Analysis <br />Provides a variety of influence metrics<br />Limited ability to append Klout scores to large CRM repositories<br />Collecting Social ID’s from consumers is key to leveraging this service<br />e.g. Social Login <br />Qwerly – A data API for the social web<br />Match / append social data by email, social ID<br />Some concerns about appending certain social network data (e.g. Facebook)<br />FullContact - Provides a variety of influence metrics<br />Ability to append social profile data to CRM data<br />Some concerns about appending certain social network data (e.g. Facebook)<br />
    26. 26. Unstructured Data and Social Media<br />Tremendous amount of consumer generated content available on blogs, review sites and social networks that deliver near real-time consumer insights<br />Intent to purchase<br />Passion points<br />Brand advocates<br />Customer service issues <br />Life stage events <br />But…..<br />
    27. 27. Social Media is disconnected from traditional CRM<br />Email mkting.<br />Client <br />CRM<br />Online advert.<br />Social media silo<br />Quantifiable multi-channel approach<br />Limited ability to take action at scale<br />Measuring ROI on social campaigns is difficult<br />Mobile ads<br />14<br />
    28. 28. Creating Actionable Insights<br />Combine your opt-in social id collection strategy and traditional data sources with mining unstructured data<br /><ul><li>Jessica Wilson
    29. 29. 1396 Henry Dr
    30. 30. Denver, Colorado 50551
    31. 31.
    32. 32. @ScarletxVelvet
    33. 33. Single, 27
    34. 34. Income 80K / Yr
    35. 35. Addressable Channels:
    36. 36. Direct Mail
    37. 37. Email
    38. 38. Loyalty </li></li></ul><li>Identify opportunities by listening to your customers<br />Actionable insight<br />Show<br />Movie preference<br />Skins<br />We can find connections between viewing and interests over a period of time.<br />Jersey <br />Shore<br />E-commerce<br />opportunity<br />Vampire Diaries<br />In-market for products<br />Teen Mom 2<br />Lifestyle & Interests<br />Ultimate Fighter<br />E-commerce<br />opportunity<br />
    39. 39. I’m ready, where do I start?<br />Start linking consumer records to social id’s<br />Leverage multiple methods <br />Make this a corporate priority<br />Offer a Social Login option when ever a consumer is presented with a contact form, registration, account login<br />Incorporate into Loyalty programs and offer incentives for consumers to participate<br />Connect as may different social profiles as possible – not just Facebook!<br />If the user is already registered to your site, ask them to link their Social Identities – give the user something in return <br />Leverage a product like Janrain to maintain data that you are not ready to leverage or store<br />e.g. social graph data<br />
    40. 40. Combine Social Profile Data & Traditional Data<br />Direct Mail<br />Demographic<br />Psychographic<br />Location<br />Intention<br />Activity<br />Behavioral<br />Product<br />Social Graph<br />Loyalty<br />Email<br />Online Ad<br />Other<br />18<br />
    41. 41. Incorporate “Like” Modeling to Achieve Scale<br />Leveraging insight from a sample set of social users connected to consumer records:<br />Trend analysis associated for a given topic or set of topic<br />Aggregate and individual analysis of consumer purchase intent from a sample to a larger scale using “Like” modeling to predict other likely prospects<br />Deliver Targeted communication through traditional channels<br />Consumers that are predicted to be in market, based on similarities with sample set<br />Identified in-market consumers that have been linked to social profiles<br />“Like” predictive model<br />And apply this ‘like’ model to a larger population to find other prospects & achieve scale<br />We build a ‘like’ model using predictive data attributes<br />From a small, statistically significant sample<br />19<br />
    42. 42. Integrate social insights into all marketing platforms<br /><ul><li>Stores multiple user identities from various social networks and site activities
    43. 43. Centralized location for rich user profile and activity data
    44. 44. On-demand access for personalization of site and campaigns
    45. 45. Selectively share profile data with applications
    46. 46. Integrate with third party applications, such as email, CRM, CMS, e-commerce</li></ul>20<br />
    47. 47. Example Social Data Use Cases <br />Loyalty<br />Personalize content recommendations<br />Gift Recommendations<br />
    48. 48. Build Loyalty Programs and Drive EngagementTravel – Cruse Liner Use Case<br />Facebook member sign-ups for BondRewards using Facebook connect. <br />BondRewards leverages newsfeed and keyword data collected on social sites to identify new members with strong travel affinity.<br />BondRewards home page features ad promoting the BondReward travel channel.<br />
    49. 49. Build Loyalty Programs and Drive EngagementTravel – Cruse Liner Use Case cont..<br />On day-of-cruise, BondRewards members check-in using FourSquare or other geo based check in mobile application<br />Upon check-in, members are presents coupons for restaurants, shops and activities along cruise destination route. <br />As members continue to provide feedback, new, more relevant ads are presented. Relevant ads are categorized into basic travel categories such as affluent shopper vs. budget/sports active shopper.<br />
    50. 50. Personalize Content Recommendations<br />24<br />
    51. 51. Gift Recommendations<br />Make gift suggestions for user’s friends<br />25<br />
    52. 52. Thank You<br />