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Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant Completes Processing Building


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Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant Completes Processing Building

  1. 1. Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant Completes Processing Building DATE: January 25, 2012 CONTACT: Sandy RomeroFOR MORE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 719-289-1888INFORMATIONCONTACT: Tom SchultzPueblo Chemical 719-549-4959StockpileOutreach Office PUEBLO CHEMICAL DEPOT, Colo. – With the completion of construction on the Enhanced104 West B StreetPueblo, CO 81003 Reconfiguration Building (ERB), one of two main processing buildings at the Pueblo Chemical Agent-(719) 546-0400 Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP), a milestone for the chemical weapons destruction project has reached.Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant “This is significant because our workers have been focusing their efforts on this building for severalPublic Affairs(719) 549-4959 years,” said Doug Omichinski, project manager for the Bechtel Pueblo Team, the company responsible for building PCAPP. “This takes us one step closer to completing construction for theU.S. Army PCAPP facility.”Pueblo Chemical DepotPublic Affairs Office(719) 549-4135 At 35,610 square feet, the ERB is unique in that its Explosion Containment Rooms had to be builtusarmy.pueblo.usamc.mbx before the exterior building. The rooms were built of 4-foot thick concrete floors and 2-foot walls designed to withstand an explosion should a munition accidentally discharge during disassembly. Each of the three Explosion Containment Rooms will house a Projectile Mortar Disassembly system. These robotic systems will handle each munition individually to remove their energetics and boosters before continuing down the Automated Guided Vehicle corridor for further processing. In recent weeks, all of the interior equipment, including conveyor systems, blast gate doors, actuators, a pneumatic cylinder to move the blast gate doors up and down, and video monitors have been set or installed in the ERB. Installation of this equipment enabled the building to be completed. Our focus now is the rest of the buildings on site, including the other main processing building, the Agent Processing Building, the Control and Support Building and the Biotreatment Area. “Our expectation is that this site will be mechanically complete by March 31,” added Omichinski. “I’m extremely pleased with the progress being made on the project,” said PCAPP Site Project Manager Bruce Huenefeld. “It’s a huge effort, and the fact that the ERB has been completed means we’re one step closer to the next phase of the project—systemization.” The Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant is being designed, built, tested, operated and closed under a contract awarded in 2002 to the Bechtel Pueblo Team. The project is overseen by Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives, which is responsible directly to the Department of Defense for the safe and environmentally sound destruction of the chemical stockpiles at both Pueblo and the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, Kentucky. -30- NR_PCAPP ERB Complete OPSEC Completed: 25 January 2012